Monday, 11 June 2012

Rock On

He always wanted to be a rock star
Playing for hours on end on his electric guitar
Hitting them strings
Sounds travelling far

He played it all night
Strumming it
Jumping around
Singing out loud
I wanna be a rock legend

As the weather softened up
The rain no longer tapped in tune with him
He decided to take his guitar out doors
He wanted to feel the freedom
To feel the breeze all around him

His music it filled the air
Birds gathered on wires
People everywhere
As he was looking down
And had no idea of all around

He didn’t hear a single whisper
Not a single sound
When finally he lifted up his head
And to his surprise
The crowd cheered him on
With happiness in their eyes

As the weather had broken
He felt this way too
No longer did the clouds linger over
His music had taken the weight on their shoulders

He knew he had connected
With them that day
He can be seen playing his guitar away
Not in some street or lonely lane way

He made it to the top
Never thinking he would
He has the people of his home town to thank
Such kind people of the neighbourhood 

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