Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Say it When

What is a man
With a rose
A man who is about to propose
A smile that lights up a room

The sweet smell of distinct perfume
The softened smell of scented flowers
The innocent look on his face
As he throws off his manly powers

There they are twelve perfect roses
With tiny tear drops
Sitting perfectly within
He knew her heart he has to win

As he leaves a trail
For her to follow
She swallows a sip of wine
And follows him

There he is
With his heart on his sleeve
She is giggling
A child within

What is going on
He replies back
Will you take this load from me
This load off my back

As he turns
With a sign on it says
Will you marry me
Please oh please

As he is on bended knee
All she can do is laugh
And say
Oh yes of course
I will I will

A happy ending for both of them
A new start too
Happiness is something
Can be so easy to do
Make a life together

Hand in hand
Through the times
Both good and bad
Hard and sad
She never looked back

Neither did he
Cuddling up together
Two rings, two hearts entwined making them
See all there is to see

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