Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sea Life

Feeling free
Standing by the screaming sea
Engulfed in its arms
Mesmerized by its charms

Crashing of the tides
Rolling waves
Come on come on
Leave your mark on the land
Moving brown broken sand

Filling my heart
With beautiful words
Scratched on paper
So thin pencil is nearly there

Like beating drums
In tune to the rhythm
To the birds that fly over head
Sheltering fish
That swims between

Many smells and sounds
Some familiar some not so
Sea gulls flying over head
Trying to go down low

Wind had changed the trees direction
Looking for which way it blows
Is like watching a really good show
They always aim the same way

As darkness falls
And the moon light fills the skies
Waiting fishermen
Tired and worn wait for their bait

Watching with all their might
Tackle for the food
Depending on it
Looking all stuffed up
Looking fit

Armour of clothing
Is their fill
Fishing from dawn till break
Is their pill

Pebbles fill with salty water
Nothing else would alter
As shells are washed up from the sea floor
Children look for them
Ready to explore 

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