Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Valley Between

Sheltered in a cave
They ran in from the rain
As butterflies flew down to do the same
As clouds filled dark skies grey

Tall grass stood tall below
Daisies barely popping their heads up
To say hello
Scorched nettles were of rustic red
Nestled together
Like a sea of red

Sun flowers far off in the distance
Waving as the wind passed by
Seeded black centre
Like a massive pupil of your eye

Her flowered dress captured all
That was happening around
She was blending in
To the background

Birds chased each other
To look for shelter too
Stopping along the way
To make sure
Everyone was accountable too

They found lady birds clinging
Close together
Nestled up away from
The cold damp weather

As they sat and waited for it to pass
The whispers of the wind
As it blew a song
Through the blades of dark green grass

When after some rest
As the clouds pulled back their curtains
They decided it was time to go
Before another shower
Would stop them

Off they went down the track
Remembering that day well
Printed in their diaries
When sitting on the porch with the family
They had a great story to tell them indeed

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