Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Waiting for the Call

Looking as he sat in the harbour hall
Up on the decks of his call
He just laid back and relaxed
Waiting for his day

Days went by
They seemed so long
He painted his fences
With coloured old paint

His mind was always else where
Almost missing his place to print
He turned to her and
Gave her a wink

She helped out
She walked by everyday
Taking note of his work
Making sure to remind him

As he stroked each part with a single
Perfect line
Almost in sync
With a beautiful perfect rhyme

The phone started to ring
Mother shouted out to him
It is time for you to go
Said the other voice on the phone

His face lit up
He was almost beside himself
A job he been waiting for
Was there for him to go

But as he said his goodbyes
One person he didn’t get to see
Was the beautiful girl that helped
He looked everywhere but she had left

Where is she gone
He never knew
Only when he got there
Waiting for something new
As his plane arrived
He dreamt of what would be
As he landed
He never realised he would ever see

As the new staff got together
Introduced to one another
There she was
The lady who had caught his eye
The girl of the farm
Playing eye spy

She stood shocked
Never ever thinking
They would meet again
Never give up hope
They both shared a life together
Their life through a telescope

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