Thursday, 21 June 2012

Walking By

Looking at him
From steps up high
He almost caught her looking
At him, she just let out a sigh

Did he see me
She thought to herself
Oh if he did
I will die of embarrassment

Walking along
She felt the heat of the warm sun
Wondering will he follow
Will he come

No sign of him
He was gone out of sight
She felt a smile cross her face
Like a child lit up inside

Walking along
Taking other images in
When suddenly
There he was again

He had caught her off guard
This time he seen her look
He turned and smiled
With a twinkle in his eyes

Oh please let him walk by
And not notice me
She said to herself
So quietly

As he was about to pass her by
He asked her for directions
He wanted to know the way
She was surprised taken back
Oh you just go around there

He thanked her
As she was about to walk again
He asked her would she like to have a chat
And maybe a coffee too

That would be nice
She said in a soft humble voice
After that they came there so many times again
Meeting place became their
Wedding palace

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