Friday, 15 June 2012

Walking Through

Opening up the door
It felt heavier than before
Larger now than it was then
She would need the strength of several men

After pushing against it
With all her will
She finally entered through it
It took some skill

As her eyes took in all around her
She was overwhelmed by all
In front of her startled surprise
A hallway of images but none of fun

As she looked down along
As she proceeded at speed
She came across a half open doorway
That showed a tiny white light underneath

As she opened it up
There was a staircase
With several steps
Rather unusual
She thought to herself

As she continued
Not fearing anything else
Her journey seemed so long
Wondering to herself
Should I continue on

She finally came to the top
And the white glass door
Opened up for her
To let her explore

She walked right in
And at the other side
Was a party going on
With everyone inside

How did you all get here
She called out
As she walked up to them all
They began to disappear
What ,what’s happening
I do not understand

As she reached out for her best friend
To hold his hand
She shook suddenly
She woke up
Realising that it was all a dream

But it all seemed so real
She had a cold sweat breaking out through her
She was shook up and these feelings
Her body did feel

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