Sunday, 3 June 2012

Watch over me

Sadness fills every piece of me
She says to anyone who will hear
No holding back
She is crying out for help

No one comes no one understands
She on her own
No place to call home
Her heart was empty
As was her head

With both hands holding onto it
With fingers turned in
She was not always like this

She once knew how to laugh and smile
Times that passed by were hard
They played with her lonely broken heart

As she sat against the full moon
That lit up all the sky
She wished her life could be the same
As glorious as the open sea

With knees bent
Her tears she wept
It was like nothing
Could brake this cycle

She was so far gone now
It was like she was cursed
When out of no where a stranger did care
A hand held out

Wanting to give her hope
To fill that gap that was torn away
Like a worn out rope
Looking up thinking she was seeing things
She was grateful
That someone cared
Not walk by
Pretending they did not hear her

A hand of hope saved her that day
A strangers help brought a gift
That cost nothing
But a little time

She was in need
Of a friend indeed
Now she is recovering
Thanks to the one who helped her
In her lost empty space
That she felt so lonely indeed

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