Thursday, 21 June 2012

Waterfalls in the Sky

Rolling of the thunder filled skies
She threw her eyes up
Bolts of lightening flashed back
Reflecting the clouds that formed

As she walked on her way home
She felt something grasp her
Like a hand of might
This gave her a terrible fright

It took her off her feet
At first she thought
She was going to be
Taken by some strange heat

When out of no where
She was pulled up in to the dark filled air
As if she was flying
How can this be
Help me she shouted this is not fair

She thought her time had come
She thought she was going up
When suddenly she stopped
She was whisked in to the candy floss

Standing alone
No one in sight
All that she seen
Was an open water fall

This must be were we get our rain from
As she walked closer
She seen it pour down
As if through a sieve

The clouds had tiny holes
In them that made this happen
She could not believe
What she seen

I must be dreaming
Pinching herself to see
Could this be really happening
To little old me

She was feeling a real thirst
She wanted to taste it
To help her curse
As she thought this is what she had

As she went to taste it
She looked in and saw
The earth below
Wonderful scenery
It made a rainbow glow

It was like she was in another land
The water felt so good
As she looked over where the water flowed
It danced over rocks so bare

This must be the sound of thunder
I heard today
She thought to herself
And the rainbow colours must flash
To make the lightening that almost
Threw me to the ground

She lay down to sleep
And rest that day
When she woke up
She was back down below
A journey she had taken that day
What will happen tomorrow
It is always another day  

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