Friday, 15 June 2012

Where Else

If we were like fences
If we were like trees
If we were like flowers
We would be suckled by bees

Sitting on fences
Resting our tired worn out feet
Resting against trees
Feeling the cool soft breeze

If we had colours like rainbows
If we had water like the mighty seas
If we had mountains
We would be travelled indeed

Shinning like rainbows of mystic emblems
Shinning like sun light through trees that tremble
Moving like mountains
Not falling down

Climbing like heroes
Like never before
Searching for the next trill
The next adventure maybe

Looking for all that is available
For the eyes to see
Touring and sight seeing
Getting to know
All that is out there

Loving every minute of
Our beautiful scenery
Nothing can compare
Washed up wishes

Do not sit on them
Go out and do
What you want
Make them come true
Travel and visit
Learn there is all to see
Educate yourself
On the world
That surrounds
Be who you want to be

As the washed up fences
Rest your weary legs
Do not lye on lines
Like dried up washing clothes pegs

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