Friday, 29 June 2012

Whispering Eyes

Whispers on streams
Moon light beams
Circle filled moon
Man in the room

Stepping stones laid out
Across water wondering about
Twinkling huntsmen
Hear them shout

She races and runs
Hides underneath
The tree that gives shelter
Barely covering her feet

Night time brings wildlife
And wonder all about
Peaking eyes through trees and bushes
Of interesting wilderness

Holding back
All eyes on her
She is frightened
All alone

But tries to be brave
Not wanting to show
Fear of her own self
From before

Her dress catching the dirt
As she clung to the ground
Everywhere all she heard was sound
Even hearing her own heart pound

When finally exhaustion
Took over
She was fast asleep
In between the four leaf clover

When all the eyes see
How she looked so peacefully
They were curious
Coming closer

Wondering who she was
Lying asleep
Worn out

She looks sad
We will look out for her
She will not notice us
She is a beautiful goddess

When finally she woke up
To find them around her asleep
Wanting to scream out
But no one could hear

Don’t be scared
We want to help
What? How?
Holy cow

I am shocked how this can be
How can you possibly speak to me
We can how can I hear you
Can you understand me

Yes my dear
What seems to be the matter
With you
Well that is along story
We have time tell us of your journey

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