Saturday, 14 July 2012

Breathless Haze

A statue of yesterday
a shadow of his former self
looking out the open doorway
along the paved pathway of a shelf

Clinging grasping withering flowers
reaching out to him
holding gaps
along in between

Steps that count each
beat of his heart
Shoe less feet
worn out from the start

Acquiring his taste for fruit 
that called him close
colors of thirst
that coated his dried up throat

Looking over to the tied up grass
flecking of white cotton slender
was his looking glass
appealing to his eyes of class

As light bounced shadows
of framed windows
the turning and drifting
of washed up clothes

Smells of excellence
that filled the hazy air
catching his hunger
like a man of no where

As he sat and filtered all
that caught his eyes
Looking up
to the cloud less painted skies

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