Thursday, 19 July 2012

Diamond Hearts

Little tiny princess songs
Gathering all her friends around to listen
To her wonderful heart beaten drums
Leaving a feeling of good within
Leaving happiness of smiling lasting feelings

Diamond shinning light
Sharing all she knew
Like a free spirit
Like a free flying bird in flight

Open words
That hit each cord
Offering others a lending ear
Something new for them to listen to
Listening and connecting
With something to dear

Relating to others
Can be a good experience
This was her message
To her audience

Give a little
Give alot
Share more
Of what you have got

Don’t hide away
Behind closed doors
Go out and remember to explore
As her songs almost finished
And her last one rang out
The crowd were on their feet
Singing and shouting out

She stood back
And smiled
Knowing her connection meant so much to them
As she lay down her guitar
The crowd left happy and content

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