Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Éire’s Eye

Living in Ireland
You see
Means so much to me
Neighbours are always there
They show that they really care

Even when times are hard
The lending hand is held out
Interesting things can happen
Curtain twitching random shouts

No matter what we have been through
We sail on in our canoe
We ride the tides of hard
We fly our flag with pride

No matter where you go there’s a smile
A welcome even if your only here for a while
A little island it may be
But the people in it
Make it you see

We have travelled all over the world
We have set up countries that we did mould
We drink the beer
We know when to stay clear
Family is the most vital part of our lives
Looking after the children and the wife

Jobs are no where to be seen
Education is our only resource
That is slowly been torn away at the seams
We have our voice
We use it well

We are great story tellers
A tale we can tell
We have our heritage
It goes back in time
We never forget those who freed us
Giving us a good life

We have beautiful landscape
Quality hospitality
We are the smiling Irish
A bheith ar mian leat a bheith
Ceiliúradh a dhéanamh ar do thír

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