Sunday, 1 July 2012

Hand of Faith

As a hand of faith
Opens out to you
Hold it with kindness
Try to see it through

Let it in
Embrace what it means
Holding on to the meaning
Of what you have seen gleaming

While others let go
You’re so keen to show
That you’re willing to give it your all
Not wanting to let go
Not wanting to fall

Hear you shout out
Hear your call
Catch me
Save me now

While some will be there for you
Others will turn away
It might not be today
It may have been yesterday

Soldier on
Don’t shy away
You are your own person
You can fight your own fight

Free now
As a spirit
Gliding through
Cloudless skies

No more pain
No more grey skies
Freedom is there
Walk a mile in your own shoes

While others stare on
Just like before
Except now
You are carrying yourself with confidence
Off in to the sunset
Off to your own paradise
In to a place you haven’t been yet

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