Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Locked Emotions

Clashing of the waves
Pushing against the rocks
Turning their attention
To all the past knocks

Jumping over hurdles
Lifting shores of the past
Trying to get over
What was thought could never last

Breezes of wonder
Shoulders of no more
Cries of their laughter
Emptiness once more

Sliding doors
Open hearts
Moving obstacles
Sharing objects

Drinking down
Touching their feet
Sharing important moments
Feeling complete

Friends are united
Come together when they can
Not always waiting
For the call of her man

Listening to the stories of the past
Remembering how this could
Affect them at last
Offering each other

Someone to be there
Sitting on a bar stool
Not young any more
Hearing how the others
Life has taught them to explore

With farewells and goodbyes
Remembering reunions
Are always there
Sharing important moments
With those who really care

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