Saturday, 7 July 2012

Love Changes

Standing on the waters edge
Emptiness of loneliness
Filled her once full heart
Holding his clipped wings in her hand
A man she could never understand

As clouds drew closer
The moon barely lighten the sky line
Dusted clay
Brought him away
He never looked back that day

Her tear drops hits the
Grasping calling rocks
Falling softly against them
Hot but then not

Almost freezing before hitting down below
Earth shattering heartache
She thought
Oh no here we go

As images of his hands
Reached out to her
Pleading for her back
In her head she felt like she would crack

Wanting to change him
After all these years
She had paid the price
Of possibly never seen him

Holding back
Fighting back her salty tears
As silent were her footsteps
That barely pressed the ground
Her heart made a lonely
Whispering sound

Memories of those days
She always would have
The man she sought to change
Leaving herself heartbroken
No one to hold her hand

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