Sunday, 8 July 2012

Slipping off the Page

Standing on pages of yesterday
Words seem to just slip away
Canvas of colour there no more
The story just seemed to seep into the floor

Underneath the cover
Of the title
Not knowing then
Stood on shoulders
Of strong gentlemen

Captivating minds
Holden onto the edges
Flipping across to see
Over grown up hedges

Scrolling back and fort
Memories in it path
Scattered illustrations
Blurred out by the words

Blurring eye sight worn
Tiredness and feeling torn
Shutting up the book
Oh will write a little more
Just want to take another look

Field of green
Freedom is on each page
Some are in my mind
Feeling like their locked in a cage

Seek and you shall find
Each one will come to you
Words that bounce right back
Singing their song to the few  

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