Saturday, 21 July 2012

Staying in touch

Drifting off to new shores
It was so hard
For you to do
For some families
They have no clue

One minute your there
The next you gone
Your seat is empty
Our hearts are been pulled along

Saying goodbye
Not knowing when you would return
If you would at all
You did come back
But then you were gone

As time passed by
So did we
Then we heard nothing
Our hearts nearly stopped
Our voice did drop

Where were you
We did not know
We searched for you
We looked for you to show
Effortless journeys
Nothing came of it
Until that one evening
A social event

A message
Could it really be
We had longed to know
What happened to you
On your journey
To explore

When finally
Ringing you
A voice on the other side
I nearly passed out
My feelings i could not hide

Glad to hear that you were safe and well
The past didn’t matter
We did not dwell
We were glad to know

That we could finally contact you
You were our missing link
To the family
Who will always love you

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