Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tales of Yesterday

As the rivers run fast
So did our young hearts
Full of energy
Full of memories

Waking up early to earn
A few pound
On our bikes
Rolling up to the fields of red
Back then

Catching a break
When ever we could
Back on the saddle
Climbing hills
Free wheeling through trees of wood

As our shadows played along
Sometimes in front of us
What ever way the sun did shine
Pulling along the wheels of our bikes

Starving hunger knocking on mothers door
Please fill us before we fall to the floor
Resting for awhile
Before heading for a wash

In the local river
It was ours not a bit posh
We would swim for hours on end
Telling stories around a camp fire

Cooking food hung
From a clothes hanger
Like a thin wire
Throwing on some more firewood

Watching the flames getting higher
Indians and chieftains
Dancing to his dance
He had us all in his grace

He had us in a trance
The man of the camp
He told us stories of old
As we warmed our tired bodies

Around the ring of mould
Shivering had left us
We ran the cold away
As we turned down for the night
And said good night for today
And done the same the next day

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