Wednesday, 11 July 2012

This is what an Irish summer looks like

Rain pelting pouring down
turning smiles upside down
frowning faces eyes full of sad
when surely we should be alive and glad
taping at the window
on it goes
no such thing as sunshine rainbows
clothes gather around the house
no drying in the air
the rocks can fall out of them
do we really care
Understanding thats just the way it is
when it does shine
it lightens us all up inside
shifting our mood
taking us on a floating cloud
of uncontrolable happiness
of childrens laughter
oh what a wonderful sound
Take each day in your stride
dont run from the rain
dont hide
embrace your days
like their all the same
been healthy and happy
we shouldnt complain
As it gives us life
and feeds the food we grow
wont be long now
until its winter
and the snow is on the floor

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