Thursday, 2 August 2012

Blowing Back

Blowing purple back
Into the evening sky
Shutting up both his eyes
As his lips grasped the love
Off they went
Like free flying white doves

First one
And then another
Dancing along
He had said goodbye to
All of his bother

As he lay down
He could feel the ground
Like his blanket of the day
Sheltering his self
Were cream long stems of corn

Barely a breath
Barely a cloud
He could feel the dust falling
Over him like a crowd

With a piece of whistling grass
Pressed in between
He blew as hard as he could
To hear it tune and its screams

As the juice of its flavour
Fell from his lips
Her image before him
Her curvy silhouette hips

I was looking for you
Were you he said
I have been here all along
Playing our songs

As his words
Fell slowly from his lips
His hands grabbed both of her hands
As he pushed them around his shoulders
His muscle ripped boulders  

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