Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Knowing that something was not quite right
My instincts told me not to leave it to long
Go get it checked
When the doctor told us
What was wrong
I got a fright

You were just so small
You felt the pain and all
Running around
Made harder
We thought maybe you
Must have had a fall

First doctor said it was one of two things
The specialist confirmed
And pulled on our heart strings
You were in hospital that night
Operated on the next morning
Kissing your cheek
My eyes were bawling

You were brave
You did your best
Having you as a daughter
We know we are blessed

A hip that was saved by a screw
Inserted into a socket
You’re now on the mend
We are stuck to you
Like glue
Fighting back
When you move it hurts and cracks
One day it may come out
We hope that it will be okay

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