Friday, 7 September 2012

Caught in Time

As we would sit and talk
for hours on end
the time we had back then
running racing having fun
oh sometimes how i miss it when
Silence is the house
silence is the air
walking through the open fields
memories of this place
almost seen myself running past
a smile upon my face
Adventure was our playground
we done this quite well
ice rink hand made
on the cement ground of white
Skipping ropes sometimes two
under the moon and over the stars
eating melted chocolate bars
questing which color of the next car
Looking at the stars up above
singing out not a note
wearing our sleeves as gloves
Fields of red against the gold
stories of the young
stories of the old
Open camp fires
catching our hearts
laughter filled every corner of the estate
no one fought
there was never hate
Stand by each other
played sports of all sorts
achievements made by all
no one single person gloats
Pride for each other
team play in our name
supporting networks
we gave it all
we had our perks
Setting the standard for the next to come
we had our hearts filled by all
as we speak of the past
we knew we had fun
we had a blast we made it last

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