Friday, 7 September 2012

Shy eyes

Both standing in the center
hands on hips
sweat falls off their exhausted bodies
both out of breath

Wild are their hearts
lonely are the beats apart
her eyes pull him closer
to her

He cant resist
he feels all the pressure
Loving eyes
touching finger tips
longing for his mouth watering lips

Shy eyes of his
hidden away
he is her sunshine
of the day

His hands move her slowly
across the dance floor
then a rush fills them both up
like nothing before

Music filling each step
taken away each other slowing breath
he leads her
with his manly way
she trust him
to guide her
turning this guy away

His soft smoldering looks
fill up with a breath taking smile
this is the look
he has not had for awhile

As the music falls
it comes to the last line
he tells her that
she dances so fine

Bring me close
she whispers in his ear
take me again
on this dance floor
my dear

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