Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Howling Inn

Clashing of the old iron gates
of the years they left behind
whispers on the silent wind
words carry on by
Wondering souls gather
delight in their eyes
hunger of the night
fills their hearts desire
Feeding full of want
thirsty for the fill
years of all this happens
giving us a chill
Open up your doors
invite let us in
we wont trick or treat you
we wont stand and stare
Clashing of the clouds
bursting open moon light
souls of those who have passed
it is Halloween at last
Ready for a fright 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Craven Calms

In a forest of wonder
a heart broken
His emotion did ponder
a heart broken
Glass casket deep inside
a heart broken
Kissing him slowly it untied
a heart broken

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Secret Wonder

Wilderness of wonder
whistling her words through
emtpy was the forest
racing bluebells
purple heather

Sitting on a branch
looking all around
not a pin drop
not a tingling sound

Golden blast of colours
burst there way through
an open pathway
of secret wonder

Her eyes wonder around
wishing for more
wanting some company
nothing else
no one was there

Playing her tunes
as she sat in her own song
when out of no where
a giant branch
played along

With eyes blinking
so softly looking at her
she was his muse
of interest
astounding her

Long green mane
that followed down his back
whipping his tail
all she could hear was the crack

He came alive as her notes
fell to the ground
almost not believing her world was
turned upside down

'Who are you' ?
'how can this be' ?
'are you what i really see'?
'how on earth can this be?'

'Excuse me if i may;
say what i have to say '
'I enjoy your wonderful music
please play more for me'
he smiled

'I know i am different;
but should that matter?
'i live and breath
the same as you
i want to be your friend
if only i could '

After a while
she soon realised
he was her woodland surprise
friends in wonder they became
her life would never be the same

Take a Breath

Guiding her in life
throughout her day
what was once a battlefield
now was hers to
let down her shield

He was her backbone
her support in structure
giving her much more confidence
more than ever before

Flying their way
through the crowds and walls
that once fixed them in
minds were now free
stepping out smiles filling them inside

Closing her eyes
his soft touch
making her realise
she would never want anymore
more than him

Soft was his touch
soft was his voice
gentle words of wisdom
sheltered her inner being

Caves of her frameworks
inner most mind
he was her candle of light
which she was
so happy to find

In Silence

Pushed back looking on
her body frozen
unable to follow all
hidden in a garden of wonder
bursting orange
gave her courage

Similar to those
of a time in her life when
she remembered her
silence was broken
words oftern left unspoken

Open land
once an empty space
head full of thoughts
her mind is in a race

Long stems of expossure
modern day posture
longing for its acceptance
not sure of what were the clues

Walls that held her in
now falling down
removing the lost memories
held within

Freedom in her path
loneliness no more
life line held out
no more silent words

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Set me Free

Let me in
giving up his fight
wanting much more now
wanting to realise his own light

He once walked with his head
held down
he was never allowed
to keep it up
all he did was frown

Correcting him was what she liked
to do
obeying her
was all
that he ever knew

When he realised
there was so much more to him
his emtyness and lonelyness
was discarded in the bin

Making a place
in the back of his mind
now his eyes were open
how could of he been so blind

A world full of laughter
a world full of hope
making a pathway for him
his life through a telescope

Now he was not under it
but seeing himself for the first time
knowing he was independant
and that was just fine

Her shackles he removed
and placed them to the side
his open mind and heart
were finally free to glide

Catching a shadow of himself
a reflection coming from within
he was so much stronger now
his old self left now living

Kissing him Softly

As they wondered
through the darkness
with no light
to guide their way

He promised her a life
better than the one today
wishes that were once dreams
he wanted to make them come through

But love like this
may never last
would it see them
the night through

With a bridge of stoney wonder
edging on the side
as light plummeted through
making their love collide

As cotton fairy dust danced
around them both the air
He held her hands within his
and whispered his love so dear

He leaned to kiss her softly
he learned to do this well
she didnt decline his offer
instead she was captured under his spell

As the dark shifted their emotions
that had been held in for so long
the light that filled them both up
knowing they both did belong

A smile of innocence
crossed their faces
butterflies inside
all that was left now
was to have her at his side

Monday, 15 October 2012

Riding the Tide

Michael Taggart

With eyes closed 
feeling his inner squezze
hardly able to breath 
for there was no ease 

Folding arms 
hiding behind 
his softening neck line
as if to glide 

Impression of what 
he always felt 
lay in the sea bed below
lingering thoughts 
his manly musles flow 

Blue reflected all
that captivated their minds 
body sculpting perfection
in and out of time 

Grabbing all attention
not lost in no where now
feeling all within him
on his wonderful lines 
right now 

Tightening his tone
curved along his sides
as rest takes over his beauty 
an artist at his side 
glides the ride 

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Brushing his Heart

Tips of her finger
on the edge of her gentle lips
his hands caressing her all
around her curving hips

With a heartbeating
faster than a beating drum
he takes her off her feet
dancing her around the room

Her hair gently falls
down like a ball room gown
his eyes pierce hers
moving away her old disguise

Such are the sounds
softening his words
spoken with such thought
nothing else is heard

His gift to her
is appreciation of beauty
of all that she is
hers to him
is the passion he gives

As movement of the other
fills them both up inside
gentle are her hips
that move him through the dark
igniting his spark
feeding the wild

Emotions Explode

Bodies apart
shadows of each other
arms at lenght
trying to find what once meant

So much between
pushing away at the seams
cracks devide
hearts and minds

Emotions explode
happiness erode
naked truth unfolds
tears take hold

Holding out to him
shelters away from her
sequence of each others
feelings occur

Naked in themselves
bodies empty for each other
yearning for the love
of the other

Waking up to reality
before time has passed them by
No more tears
no more hearing each other cry

Smiles fill the blocks
happiness fill the gaps
no longer instruments
caught in lifes traps


Lay your clouds
down on me
pushing me to the ground
almost not able to breath
unable to hear a sound

Rumbling of all around me
whisling in the air
sheets of long grass
pushing me
out of my despair

Clashing of the grey
covering over white
all the images before me
fill me and excite

Smells of old familar
rushing through my veins
once my ancestors walked
along these full trilled plaines

Never before the magic
that is lush with all of life
No need to cut the atmosphere
no need to wield your knife

My back feels all upon it
My shoulders carry much more
But this open wondering adventure
fills my hearts delight

Naked Background

Of naked openess 
she was an ice goddess 
flowing skirt 
catching time
bringing them in
playing her rhyme 

Silk worn water 
that reflected much of her life
what was once for her 
someones wife

Whispers on the shadows 
that played with her thoughts 
skirts of playfulness
of all that she had fought 

Dimples of silloette skies
hovering over 
her beauty 
that blinded them all

Men hung in the background 
waiting to catch her fall
beauty took over them 
wanting to hear her call 

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Saddled Images

Open court of wondering
people everywhere
clouds of wonder
art is all so near

Broken ground squares
off to flight of new
pushing back the boundries
of all that is old and new

Magic in the hand
of groups as they stand still
passions in the air
sunshine day is here

Removing back the covers
of pastures that was  there before
a new beginning of life
movement is a journey once more

Saddling up images
in his brush of all within
gasping at the wonders
that take over him

Love of what he sees
heated strokes of life
smiling at his work
like a beautfiul moon light

White Lightening

Whip your white horse 
running wild
darkness on his back
spirits are mild

Running down the open
cloud track
softening white 
falcon bird in flight 
curtains of grey
they do domineer 

Assaulting her passion
as she runs 
through the scape 
making way for her journey 
of trying to escape

White Lightening

Whip your white horse 
running wild
darkness on his back
spirits are mild

Running down the open
cloud track
softening white 
falcon bird in flight 
curtains of grey
they do domineer 

Assaulting her passion
as she runs 
through the scape 
making way for her journey 
of trying to escape 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Whipping him In

Whipping her footsteps
while dragging him along
singing and whistling
to his own song

Tempted by wondering
eyes roll around
moving of others
make his heart pound

Smoldering shelters
hidden all around
pushing him into
the darkness
moving his ground

Sweet smells
curiousity dwells
speechless thoughts
dominating her all

Locked in
emotions of when
sweat rolled over
his bare shoulder

Skin exposed
taunting looks
wondering eyes
endless books

Velvet Tongue

Breath held
beating heart
velvet tongue
eyes that sparked

As a smile
crossed along the
curves of his face
urges inside him
she did replace

Staring into each others eyes
each wanting the other
to make a start
as silence filled
the moon lit sky
glossing over this guys eyes

Sequence of events
passing them by
indulging much more now
stopping for a minute of why?

Fixing on their final goal
up and down
no time to stroll
no words needed
just lust filling something else
happiness was their victory
in a eventful smile

Taste of them
scent of the other
passion of this moment
longing for another

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Carved View

Trees hide the better views
they give us answers
they give us clues
listening from within
like a gentle muse
Sitting on the branch
with all going on down below
traffic of people
wonderful fast and slow
Stories are unfolding
right before my eyes
some that i am glad to hear
some that bring on disguise
With every tiny twig
that grasps the story teller
of every sentance formation
of the first tree feller
lying back looking up to the clouds
passing by volumes of the crowds
As i have the better views
of the passing by hidden clues
in a tree of rustling muse

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Running Pathways

Gasping holding out
talk and chat
let out a shout
suddenly it all became clear
Running down pathways
of running water
chasing her ghosts of the past
never ever thinking this would last
Cracks waiting
to catch her
trying to trip her up
trying to make her fall
Suddenly out of no where
a shadow of his body
catches her fall
he is so dear
Hold on tight
do not be scared
trust me
i wont let you go
This he assures her
deep down inside
she does really know
he is her knight in flight
Mystery figure of the night

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Free your Mind

Share a little shoulder
to a friend you cant ignore
share a little time and patience
to let them know you need them more

Open up  your mind
open up your heart
share all that is good within
loving from the start

Words are free
let them be your eyes to see
use them well
try not dwell
on something you cant control
it will eat away at your soul

Listen with your all
stand confident and tall
With each footstep
hands waiting to catch your fall

Showing expression of happiness
smiling all along
know that you are beautiful
that you are wonderful
that you belong.