Monday, 15 October 2012

Riding the Tide

Michael Taggart

With eyes closed 
feeling his inner squezze
hardly able to breath 
for there was no ease 

Folding arms 
hiding behind 
his softening neck line
as if to glide 

Impression of what 
he always felt 
lay in the sea bed below
lingering thoughts 
his manly musles flow 

Blue reflected all
that captivated their minds 
body sculpting perfection
in and out of time 

Grabbing all attention
not lost in no where now
feeling all within him
on his wonderful lines 
right now 

Tightening his tone
curved along his sides
as rest takes over his beauty 
an artist at his side 
glides the ride 


  1. This is just wonderful!!!!

    You really are an amazing artist.

    Thank you for letting me inspire you : )

  2. Thank you Michael you and your work has inspired me and i thank you for this.