Thursday, 22 November 2012

Thank You

Things to be grateful for
things to appeciate
loved ones in our lives
husband and wives
girlfirends and boyfriends
children and all
single ladies and men
keeping your eye on the ball

Spending time with those who matter
filling up with a plate we clear
washing it down
with wine and cold beer

Something sweet to fill our happiness
mothers running around frantically
cooking away their wares
food just seems to disappear

Fun and laughter fills each house
together at last
enjoying the music coming from the wall
hearing someone that is missing important phone call

Think for a family
that may not be so privilaged
to have any of this at all
no home, no roof to cover their head
no blanket to warm their tired bones

No food, no mother to make things right
no drink to stop their thirst
Nothing but an empty space
isolated in the human race
out of sight out of place

So look into the eyes of those
who you love
appreciate all that you have
while for some
this day may be one of sad

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