Monday, 31 December 2012


Almost giving up on dreams
sharing light of shimmering beams
listen out loud
giving him love

Welcome back with open arms
held together like
something, someone new
no more running away
from his charms

Hit with a bolt of love
like a birds wing
clipped before
her wings spread
to allow for love

Echoes of who he used to be
sharing those thoughts
sharing those once hidden memories
some of which she still haunts
bringing him to his weakend knees

Salty tears they fall
nothing to catch the river that flows
as colour catches each drop
with a different expression
imprinting a lasting impression

Bye now good bye to yesterday
today had come to fast
for what he had once turned away
now with all the cards on the table
life seemed so clear

Who she was now
was not who she was that day
stranger in the darkness
not known to him
slowly shying away

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Reaching Out

If my fingers could touch yours
as i reach out for your hand
if my feet were standing in front
of you
instead of feeling like i'm sinking
in quick sand

I hear your voice echo
in my ears and mind all day
the memories of who you were
just never go away

I wish that you were here
right now
your always on our minds
the emptyness of loosing you
has left our
sadness blind

Looking at the stars above
i pick the one that is you
the shiniest of all of them
the one that sparkles blue

A shooting one across the sky
like you were in life
always running here and there
competing against the strife

So as we sit down
to enjoy our christmas cheer
an empty corner in a room will be
where you once filled that chair

As your photos all surround us
and we look at your smiling face
this day brings happiness and sadness
of a life we can't replace  

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Prince of Tides

They say he was a dreamer
his vision no one would see
his words that meant so much to him
others would ignore

While he lived his way
as did they
his passion filled his veins
others just ran away

Away from life itself
he grabbed the bull by the horns
he knew his life would be
everyones elses yarns

Stories of him still linger
in the air
he was
the man of his day

A smile that could fill the darkest of rooms
a laugh that engulfed
each one
a scent of the sweetest

Knowledge like no other
an answer for everything
a simple way of thinking
not knowing his ship was sinking

As the tides
waved him off coarse
no way back now
his voice was tired and hoarse

Hand held out
no one could hear him shout
too late now he is gone
never knowing
where he truly belonged

Ghosts of Yesterday

Where once stood a life
a life that filled each room
now nothing but darkness and gloom
each wall glossed with matted charcoal
almost the colour of a dark soul

Once whispers and laughter
fun filled the air
now sadness is all that one can see
looking at the damaged life that once
lived there

Material isolation
nothing can be repaired
silence of the nothing
leaves eyes in despair
child looks on in fear

Snow thickened on the ground
with every deep footstep
a heart felt pound
fills the white coverered sound

Hear her calling out your name
their lives would never be the same
no one was at fault
no one was to blame
lives lived on
material items
were all that was claimed

Bushes lay in the background
as eyes wept through dark filled skies
now wondering after all of those years
how no one has forgotten those fears

As a perfect reflection
caught her eye
it is no wonder she walks around
with dreams in her eyes
these replace her tears she once did cry

Now the walls are covered in what they used to be
now the laughter fills each room you see
whispers of the days gone past
are like guests of yesterday
new and wonderful events
each and every day

So as the night time falls
and light it filters out
no eyes will cry a tear anymore
only happiness filled throughout

Monday, 10 December 2012

Scent of a Stranger

Pulling her into him she thought this moment would never last. She had longed for it for so long and now it was here, would she be able to chase his scent around? Letting him have his way seemed like the only option if he was to accept her. This is what she thought in her head unable to see how beautiful she really was? Who she could be? Where she was destined to go in life? It was like she had cut off her path and painted it with only one color his? As his lips drew her in even more as the race of the chase began to take hold, she gathered him cupped in her eyes. Looking into them as his shut closed she seen something that made her wonder to herself her own reflection.

 Even tough he made her feel more exotic than the wildest flower that needs to be nurtured this just seemed to not fill the ache in her sad heart.  Her lips clung harder to his, as if she was trying to push back these thoughts of wanting more from life.  Lifting her up , he moved her away from the traces of her mind.  Oh is this what she really wanted ? Him , her in this place steaming up the room with lust and emotions that could explode at any time. The window had a frosted glaze over it but was not cold to the touch as he moved up against it. She felt the warmth of the tainted glass against her naked waist. The silk sheet fell lowering her strength   She was fighting at will not to think beyond this night but everything was spinning in her mind.  This was no easy ride for her. As for him he was like a hungry wolf wanting his kill and trill all in the same foul swoop.

Tempting her with trails of melted sugar.  He took her by the hand in to the room of the forbidden.  Oh this was like a paradise of light.  A shimmering scene indeed.  Beautiful shadows cast their way along each curve of the walls, as he lay her up against the paint work.  She was dripping with excitement as his hunger filled his veins running at lightening speed.  He was like a run away train there was no brakes going to stop him. No shackles to burden his feelings from been served.  A feast fit for a queen he gave her that very minute.  She clung to him as he showed her the way.  As their hearts began to beat like drums in a distance away, She yearned looking out the window slowly opening them and then closing her eyes again almost in slow motion. The slight movement of his dirt filled shoes threw dust in the air.

Like fumes of a tunnel in darkness waiting for something to fill the gap.  He stood back for an instance looking at her beauty as she smiled gently she knew he wanted more.  Would she give it? feed it ? Letting volumes of sound fall for that moment was the slice in her cake that she needed to stop the noise in her head.  The chain she thought was missing a link or two didn't seen so loose anymore.  The fact that he had stood back and gave her control was just what she needed that very minute.  As he shifted his head from the dusting floor she reached out for him.  This made the lines on his cheeks form a smile of utter cuteness.  His shy eyes were so vulnerable and she just loved this in him.  Going from been the one making all the moves and decision.  He had made her the queen she was in charge of the chess board now.  He said to her ' It's your move ?'  Power filled her once sucked blood.

 As a palette of wonder replaced her once empty look something great happened next.  The door shut closed and the dust emptied out. A single chair had a reason to be there now. She pushed him towards it and sat down on his legs over them.  His hungry driven eyes wild with excitement longed to please her. It was now her turn to show him just what a woman really needed? What she needed in that moment? The fog lifted from the window frame. 'Let the games begin ', she said. His face said it all.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

In the company of Rules

Found in places
where no one else goes
shallow breaths
shallow halls
beyond imagination
fearing falls

Scream and no one hears
no one knows where it leads
no one can sense
your isolation
no one really cares

In a mind of frustration
in a state of solitude
in a body of lingering nothing
shaping up against
a shadow of before

Smiling glimpses
of who he used to be
not yet knowing where he was going
looking for effort from all
who lay before him
the nothing filled him inside
nothing filled his wild

Master of all
of none had he become
until she walked
into his life
filling his inner sight

No judgement
no thoughts of indifference
only wanting to understand
his feelings of unpleasant

Share it out
reap me like a wild flower
pull my stem
from nothing that is there
wolves on my sleeves
for all to bare

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Crimson Tides

Crimson tides of light
filtering its way through
tunnels of vast devide
singing natures tune

Walking along the wood
balance in perfect tune
grass that grabs
your feet

Tucking in to the light
of the moon
shadows on the bark
rub away the dust

Dancing sparkles
lost and on the run
Gushing warmth
fills the openess
of centred home
walking along
feeling all alone

Noise it does not come
wilderness is numb
as night time falls
movement it stalls

As blooms of that day
turn night skies away
all that it surrounds
leaves a natural vibrant sound

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Falling Fruits

Red was the colour
surrounding them both
magic of wonder
supplying the evocative feelings
along his throat

Open land filled sight
that they did share
deepening light
turning day into night

Bursting canvass
of broken brown
oranges and lemons
juices that filled the ground

Fruits of the forest
running away with their thoughts
shaken off his imagination
along her skirt
that fell softly
like a flowing cloth

Biting like wolves
on her sleeves
mirrors of images
as they did proceed

Looking over her shoulder
to see if he was there
embracing his soft kisses
on her cheeks so bare

Tongue Tied

Walking down the line
dividing them along the way
separating the men from the boys
holding on to secret eyes

Grasping gasping breath
held by them
who looked on
each one with their own
cheeky smile grin

Wondering when their turn
would fall
wondering when their day
would come

Walking in between them all
moving them clearly out of the way
as she walked amongst them
separated by her beauty
gulping each heart throbbing pull

Tentions of excitement
filled an over anxious air
fulfilment filled a hungry
fun filled passionate air
words did not matter
to those who were there