Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Ghosts of Yesterday

Where once stood a life
a life that filled each room
now nothing but darkness and gloom
each wall glossed with matted charcoal
almost the colour of a dark soul

Once whispers and laughter
fun filled the air
now sadness is all that one can see
looking at the damaged life that once
lived there

Material isolation
nothing can be repaired
silence of the nothing
leaves eyes in despair
child looks on in fear

Snow thickened on the ground
with every deep footstep
a heart felt pound
fills the white coverered sound

Hear her calling out your name
their lives would never be the same
no one was at fault
no one was to blame
lives lived on
material items
were all that was claimed

Bushes lay in the background
as eyes wept through dark filled skies
now wondering after all of those years
how no one has forgotten those fears

As a perfect reflection
caught her eye
it is no wonder she walks around
with dreams in her eyes
these replace her tears she once did cry

Now the walls are covered in what they used to be
now the laughter fills each room you see
whispers of the days gone past
are like guests of yesterday
new and wonderful events
each and every day

So as the night time falls
and light it filters out
no eyes will cry a tear anymore
only happiness filled throughout

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