Sunday, 24 November 2013

Satin Sheets


Following her into the room, he wondered. Where does she go when I’m not with her? What goes through her mind? She turned on her heel and smiled at him. Her loving smile reassured his once running mind. She is more beautiful than a summer’s day. Her skin is so fair and soft.  Her hair dark like the night sky.  Her touch like soft cotton.  Her stare wondered into him. Her eyes would travel every inch of his body. It was lovely but he couldn't understand why he loved her stare so much. It was intense but exciting.

As she brushed her hair over her shoulder to unzip her dress, he couldn't help but stare at her beauty. Wanting to touch her in that instance.  As he went over and offered to help her struggling finger tips, she seemed to be managing it all on her own. But this confused him. Would she ever need him as much as he seemed to need her. Would she want him in the same breath as her. 

There she stood in front of the mirror , she was glancing back at him knowing he was taking in all she was doing. His thirst for her was all she could consume in those few minutes.  She then turned and politely asked for his help. But he looked like a vulnerable puppy at her. What can I do to help? I cannot undo this clasp. It held all that was sacred to her together. He was delighted at her wanting him to get closer. Let me help with that. Her smile curved the corners of her face. Her heart was gently moving from a gentle beat to a skipping happiness. 

His hands felt cold to the touch this made the curve of her spine move slightly. ‘I’m sorry did I hurt you? ‘ No she replied your hands are cold. She turned around and took his hands in hers. Blew gently with her breath on his fingers. Rubbing them then in a brushing manner to warm his blood. This took him off guard. No woman had ever bothered to do such a thing before. His confused look into her eyes as both of their eyes stuck to one another like glue. They were almost hooked on the other person.

They stood in that very spot as his now warm hands took her fallen curls away from her face. She loved what was happening but didn't want him to see how she felt inside. He moved his hand down along her neck line. His fingers then wondered over her shoulder.  Her body seemed to do things all on it’s own. She closed her eyes enjoying this experience. Her lips pouting in response to his gentle touch.  He then turned her back around and undone her clasp. She was confused now. All the touching and caressing had stopped. In a way she wanted it but in another she didn't.  He moved his hand over the area where the clasp had been fixed. His finger  tips moving in between the marks it left on her back.  With each touch she wanted more and more. She could feel the warmth of his body coming over to hers. By now both of his hands were working there way around her body as his breath blew down her naked back. With one hand holding her hair up and the other gently moving along her back she was in his cell now. A prisoner of lust she felt in that very moment.

All that covered her now was the thin lace over her lower body. It was barely there. Her heels still on her feet which made him want her more than ever. As he stroked her back she held his hand on her hip and then the other hand on her other hip. Moving her flowing curves around his skin she wanted to tease and please all in the same fowl swoop.  He knew she was excepting his gestures and he wanted to her to take control too.  As she did his face lit up even more. She had given him permission to want her. He had given her what she needed. Someone to want more to than devour her instantly. He wanted to get to know her very being.  His lips opened up as if he was about to kiss her. He spoke you are so beautiful. Do you know how you make me feel? No she replied, how do I make you feel with a soft gentle smile. You make me feel something I have never felt before. Tell me , tell me how I make you feel. I can not explain it in words. There is something about you. A mystery something that no other possesses.  I need you tonight. She loved he wanted her so much. He took her by the hand and showed her the way. She followed each one of his footsteps with curiosity.  He took her to the satin sheets and lay her down gently. He then turned to close the door as he walked forward to do so she whispered in a soft voice. What happens now? You tell me my dear.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

In My Arms

There they are
those shooting pains
pushing and pulling
like horses reins
Fast and furious
galloping away on me
please make the pain stop
i’m really not ready
Oh no i shout out
please get me there
i’m so scared and vulnerable
my friends they haven’t got a care
Off go the sirens
they finally have arrived
i clasp the nurses hand
she wipes my forehead
with a cloth
like a sweatband
Breath in and out
are her words to me
what would you know
please leave me be
Barely in the door
no time to ignore
you have arrived
my beautiful baby boy
With eyes looking up
your skin so soft and fair
your head full of thick
dark brown hair
I know from this day forward
my life would never be the same
as i sat watching you graduate
these thoughts
i did contemplate
My handsome son
i’m proud
you have never let me down
your beautiful big smile
you never ever frowned
Now your a grown man
i know that your okay
the day that you were born
you took my heart away

Thursday, 7 November 2013


Moving forward
stepping back
do not want to
fall between the cracks
Hands over eyes
afraid to see
where you are now
you could be me
Like a fairy tale
life is just handed over
wanting to find
that four leaf clover
A bed of roses is not where you are
a time gone by to fast
wishing i could unwind
the past
Wonders of what
wonders of who you
could of
Rivers that run fast
a lonely tear
A heart that hangs heavy
in each cavity of our souls
the memories of yesterday
are the stories that are told
Distance is something we all take for granted
no stairs to meet you
no way to touch your hand
a place to go and speak to you
we lay thoughts and tears
instead of flowers sprayed

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Driven to Distraction

As the fast metal body
pushed it’s way through the night
fast was the pace
almost like something in a race
Driven with order
everything in it’s place
knowing one fowl move
could bring it all to a halt
Noise and whispers
filled the air
tiredness and hunger
filled his lonely despair
Thundering rolling wheels
gripped the tar of the freed
shuffling of movement
tired worn souls
Each one running and rushing
to fulfill their own goals
Fast is the pace
this is nothing like a race
fatigue driven
enclosed space

Friday, 26 July 2013

Chasing Expectations

As the curtain on the window blew higher and higher so did his expectations. He looked out at her shadow as it passed by her pain torn frame.  Thinking to himself like many nights before ‘Who is this lady ‘?  He threw himself back in his chair that was situated in the corner of the room. He had a perfect view of all that captivated his wondering eyes.  As the moon showed it true form so did she for a single second. He moved towards the arm of the chair curious for a glimpse. Wide eyed he played with more than her image in his mind. She was all he could think about.

Wanting her to show herself over and over again. Questions still filled the inner frameworks of his desiring lusting mind. His pupils in his eyes went in and out hoping that those seconds would last for ever.  Darkness filled the lining of his eyes. She had pulled the curtains closed.  A falling breath left his lips. Exhausted by her beauty he left the chair and fell to the bed. He slowly closed his eyes and smiled a cheeky grin.  He fell to sleep in the blink of an eye.

As night turned into day. The haze of the sunshine fumed it’s way in through the gaps in the curtains. He suddenly woke up in a panic. His heart was beating like a drum.  Realising it was only a dream that had made him wake up so suddenly, he rested his head for a minute or two.  A smile formed the curves of his face once again. He was thinking of the night before. Of what he had seen and had encouraged his already racing mind.  He sat up on the bed and his eyes were pulled towards the window once again.  Standing up, he walked towards the window and pulled the curtains open. Then he placed his hands on his eyes as the bright sun almost took what eye sight he had away. 

He opened up the window to let some air in to the room. As he reached over to do so, she looked out at him. His breath was lowering again but his heart was racing like wild horses.  With blushed cheeks and a sweaty forehead he could barely think enough to open his mouth and say something.  ‘Think you fool ‘, he said to himself.  She never even noticed all that was going on with him but she did notice the loose gutter above his head. ‘Watch out ‘, she shouted out to him. Before he knew it down came the side of the gutter on his head and the water on top of him. He was soaked. Serves me right he thought to himself. How must I look in front of her now? He ran back into the room in haste.

A knock came to the door. ‘I’m not answering it’, he said to himself. The embarrassment I have caused. Another knock came on the door. ‘Oh please go away’, almost crying in to his hands that covered his eyes of fear.   Another knock followed again and again.  He decided I may answer it. He went down and half afraid to open the door the sweat mixed with water dripping down his face. As he opened the door he could see a shadow waiting at the other side.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Shadows i make along the wall
they follow me everywhere
they move along in motion
they act like they don’t care
I look closely as they mimic my every move
especially along the cracks along the groove
Sun shinning down
shadows are there again
i am only small
but it looks like
a giant man
Come along my friend
come with me
oops i let the plate fall
but it wasn’t me at all
Mam she is at it again
jane is an awful pain
always getting me in trouble
why am i to blame?
Skipping away to the rope
clashing off the ground
with each movement
i can hear my heart pound
Over the moon
and under the stars
chocolate melting
ice cream and candy bars
Racing on bikes
not a care in the world
only adventure in our little hearts
we just can’t be told
Recognize me
i am me
one day i will be to big
to sit on your knee

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Lay me Down

Standing at the foothills
her pain weaved in the cold
breathless steps forward
movement of the ground
dark clouds fill her despair of old

Seeking more of what she left behind
a forgotten past lay in her wake 
a hand held out
tumbling thoughts she did shout
was this to be her fate
her way out


Lay me down
rest my soul
where upon this island
life has taken it's toll
shouting out words 
that fall so slow
lay me down rest my soul


As the ground muttered noises 
beneath her feet so bare 
her beauty did astound them 
her golden locks of hair

Tumbling down her shoulders 
swaying to her song 
men lay in her pathway
thirsty to belong 


As each one of their throats dried up
hardly able to breath 
the snow flakes fall
gently to her feet

Each man held a rose
in her memory
carefully laying it down
with hearts held heavily 


Never would they forget her
she stamped their hearts laid bare
her beauty it did capture
her skin it was so fair
a life she had lived 
these men each playing a part
only one could really steal
this beauty' s beaten heart

As his tears they fell down on her
his loss it was so clear
she was the only woman for him
his mother, he loved so dear
oh gentle whispers follow her 
lead her to the light 
let her be the brightest star
that fills the darkest night.


Running Words

He whistles to her
come meet me half way
be the cut in my diamond
come brighten my day

A place in his heart
he keeps just for her
a gentleman he is
such a kind sir

Turning the pages
quickly to see
where they will end up
will they marry
or live free

Wonders take hold
wanting to rush and take it all in
hurry up dialogue
time waits for no man

Words written, time well spent
hours of thinking
eyes always blinking
tiredness making sentences
feel like a ship sinking

Chapter nearly done
book mark needs to be placed
he can not wait
to see who else she meets


Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Burnt Out

Feeling like a burning candle
blowing in the wind
nothing left to give
mind is like a sieve

Eyes that ponder every word
wishfully hoping they will stick
reading nothing amusing
body is feeling sick

Suddenly interesting images
spring to mind
information fills
the sight that was once blind

Breath of air
watch your step
take care
soak it up
don't let go

Keep going
will be worth it
no one to discourage
silence turning a smile
something well written
emotions inside
now were all smitten

Monday, 29 April 2013

Lips Combined

Twisting branches gather
follow follow me
her finger gestures swallow him
they bring him to his knees

With lips so roaring red
her silky dress hangs bare
her shoe less feet
make his heart beat
his kindness oh so rare

As the birds fly off in flight
the sun it hangs low in the sky
their shadows play along
making scenes of times gone by

Lay your hands on me
she called out to him
shelter me with your love
as the rain fell from above

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mechanical Minds

Telepathic interests
feelings coming out
wondering who they were
where they came from
minds mesmerising each others emotions

Movement of their feet
around each other
looking into dark eyes
glowing images
to their surprise

Hands held together
lips combined
love of eternal lusting
future hearts entwined

Follow them

Foot steps
deep pounds felt down
open up
folding eyes around
silence of the nothing inside
close minds hide

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Solemn are the echoes

Never let the anger
Take away the spark

Never let the arrows

Cut holes
Deep in your heart

Never let the silence
Be the winning game

Never want to hear no words
Life would not be the same

Wishing for those moments
Wrapped deep within your soul

Always hold them close
As life it takes control

Be your own master
Your voice it belongs to you

Be your own guardian
Walk in your own shoes

Beyond your Dreams

Reaching beyond the fields
as far as the eyes can see
looking for more
looking out to sea

Branches shadow
birds in flight
winds that sweep away
the children s kite

Dusting foot prints
gather along perfect images
posing for the camera
saying words like sausages

Flickering sunshine glowing in the sky
clouds full of shapes
feeling the escape
running wild water
up to the knees

Bringing them back
to the time of ease
no pressures of life
so simple and at peace

Silence of the day
no rain to wash them away
hand prints left in the sand
castles built on demand

As hunger fills them up
the dry it hits their throats
looking back over their shoulders
of beauty of it's coat

Don't take me for granted
don't leave me to long
come back and see me
playing your song

Friday, 12 April 2013

Broken Lies

Crying eyes
broken lies
scars that cut
deep within
torn disguise

Falling alone
hearing your voice
all in its tone
never wanting to feel hurt
to the bone

Wishing simple thoughts
spreading wings again
finding life is different
trapped in a den

Blowing back the colours
pulling across the sheets
nothing ever lies there
not even the heart beats

Sudden rafts of rivers
flowing up and down
always feeling like a fool
feeling like a clown

Rapture holes inside
each tunnel a memory
forget the past and present
the futures now brighter
you see

Craving more and more
grasping at the edges
forget the here and now
fit inside the wedges

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Haunted by the Hunted

In the mist
running as his side did twist
bare feet digging into the thistled ground
his heart beaten fast
his head low
feeling each pound

The heat and sweat
it fell from his head
wanting to lay down
to make his bed

Finding a space
somewhere to hide
no one to seek him out
no one to take the words from his mouth

As the stars shone brightly
his blanket above
night time calls
there she was
his white dove

An image of her
shinning away
making him smile
not to be afraid
or turn into decay

His mind was his shelter
his memories they ran
where did he belong
this hunted man

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Hold that Door

Running for her life
as fast as she could
nothing could stop her
it was in her blood

Heels digging the ground
pulling everything in the way
sweat falling off her
she is not feeling okay

Looking at her watch
with every step she took
she barely made it for the bus
in all her excitement and rush

As the minutes rolled by so fast
she wondered would she make it
before her heart exploded
before she would pass out

Jumping off over the steps
hold that door she shouted
to the young man
please help

She ran all frazzled
finally making it in
only to realize
It was the wrong building

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

One step forward

Taken them on a journey
not knowing what lay ahead
the adventure was in their bones
if they failed they had made their own bed

Rescue their minds
steal their souls
fight for their freedom
beyond the white walls

Standing for the cause
knowing at will
resolution may never
be the happiest pill

Marching ahead
like deer in the night
hungry for answers
their will and their plight

Wanting to achieve
what others never did before
to change the matters
that lay at their door

Voices did crackle
footsteps were felt
words did exchange
paperwork was sent

Sunshine it glared
hot to the core
they had achieved so much more
than the people before

Giving them voices
choices indeed
freedom was theirs
sowing the seed

Watching it grow
into the future that came
no longer afraid to fight
women and men

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Darkness Falls

He always looked at things so clear
straight down the line
somethings never change he thought
but these words he would soon swallow
for all he had fought

Hands over his eyes
tears ripping through his skin
darkness filled his mind
leaving him blind

In every corner of the room
nothing made sense
vision blurred
eyesight in a whirl

Shadows of the past
knocked on his door
voices filled his lonely mind
suddenly a voice came from behind

A familiar voice
he turned around
her gentle touch
her looks did astound

Taken her hand
standing up in his pain
her arms around him
he would never feel the same again

As darkness shifted
and the sun shone brightly in to the room
all that lay in the mist
was the sweet smell of her perfume

Monday, 1 April 2013

Silent Whispers

Here is it
it is finally here
where it came from
it seems so clear

After days of wondering when
it would come along
the day it is upon me
the words just flow to the song

I have been given a challenge
to write it down
hoping that i can make it work
not be left looking like a clown

I write it all down
her life of then and now
her beauty did astound them
she was the lady in the crowd

Her legacy she left behind
every man left a stamp on her heart
but when she left suddenly
it was theirs that was left with a mark

Sadness filled their eyes
pain stuck deep inside
but only one really stole her heart
he was the rib of her side

Her loving son so upset
his loving mother gone
he loved her all her life
he sang her beautiful song

Mother you were there for me
like any mother should
i will always remember you
especially my childhood

Every man held a rose
with no thorns to tare their skin
the pain that each one felt
tore their hearts within

As day turned into night
each one looking to the skies
the brightest star it shone
it was her beauty
it did rise

Lifting up their heads
knowing she was there
to watch over them
the rose they loved so dear

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The last word

Was not that i could not write it
was not that i could not see
was not that i could not feel it
was not that i could not be me

Tapping on the keys
tapping in my brain
tapping out new ideas
some remain the same

Natural thoughts in motion
wonders of my mind
blurring vision kicks in
images leave me blind

Staring in to space
ideas come to me
blasting , lightening fast
the books are on my knees

Revision of something i learned
inspiration is on every page
i am no longer a writer in distress
i am not longer locked in a cage

As the light shines in through the window
and fairy dust filters away
i smile knowing i have finished it now
never thought i would see the day

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Wild Eyes

Hidden eyes of wonder
pumping amusement my way
pushing pressure
in to the light of day

Rush your hands
along the bare wall
hearing a voice in the background
him thinking ,'Is it her call?'

Turning around to see
there she is
skirt slightly
above her knees

Light flickering in to the room
his heart is pounding fast
as he in hails
the sweet smell of
her perfume

Her eyes grip his
like mesmerizing stars in the night
unable to look away
he holds out his hand

Pulls her into him
turns her towards the door
as he carries her across
the stony floor

With his hands held
firmly on her hips
he softly touches
her soft red lips

With passion
and lust
filling both up inside
it is like two beautiful
worlds about to collide

The energy that refuses
to stand still
hunger that fills up
a room full of sin

Lifting her up
as she drips down on him
her scent allures him
it pulls him right in


Friday, 22 March 2013

Casting Shadows

Rumbling hills fall over me
sea beds wash me away
skies that throw off clouds of grey
bring about another day

Tiny seeded ground
creatures venture around
open land
bare solid trees band

Casting her eyes over all
lights in the distance
she could hear his call
walking towards his shadow
waiting for him
to catch her fall

As a rush ran  through her
happiness filled her face
deep down inside
she could not of been in a better place

Running, racing towards his voice
soon she would be there
but no one would be waiting
just an empty place

The voices were inside her head
the past events of then
as the hills rolled over
her heart was emptied out again

Shoulders that once sheltered her
hands that held her strong
nothing could replace the way she felt
for loving him so long

Walking in Darkness

Allow me to turn
allow me to see
allow me to love you
allow me to be me

Whispers on shoulders
whispers of the breeze
whispers of silence
whispers through the trees

Falling in love
falling for you
falling more than before
falling on the floor

Let me share
let me in
let me show you
let life begin

Kisses of the past
kisses that last
kisses so gentle
kisses that make
our hearts shoot into the night
like shooting stars
that blast

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Running from the gun

Begger man , begger man
don't make me steal
i don't want to come to harm
i don't want to be real

Stop me right now
don't encourage me
hold me back from temptation
let me just see

Why do you insist
i do the things i do
why can't you say no to me
why be stuck to me like glue

Make me see sense
show me where im going wrong
do not let me turn the path
help me to stay strong

Why must you push me around
in this way
everytime i look at you
i know this is the day

Another day spent
taken for you
why cant i stand up for myself
i do not want to be like you

Leave me in peace
leave me alone
silence now fills the steps
of where you once called home

All i wanted was freedom and choice
now all i feel
is the silence of your
once demanding voice

Dreams i once chased
are now carved in stone
we are finally together
two cowboys on the run
in a place we call home

As we are laid down to sleep
side by side
we will ride the clouds above
like Bonnie and Clyde

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Uncovering the Past

Looking out the window
frosted tints covered it's ware
tiny spread out lines and shapes
crispy feathered squares

Wondering where she was right now
wondering where she used to be
nothing seemed to make sense anymore
of the woman she used to see

Flickering flashback moments
sometimes forgotton closets in her mind
keepsakes of the times gone by
closing up her blinds

Turning to see another
the image on the wall
who is this before me?
i pray, i can not recall?

Confusing takes over the body
nothing makes sense anymore
of who she used to be
of who she is no more

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Stranger of light

As silence bit his very soul, he grew tired of this life. His bones were sore aching from all he had experienced all those years before. The dead in eyes were sore to every blink. Scalding to every touch. The heat he was feeling was more torture than anything else. Willing it to rain, he might aswell of been looking for a needle in a haystack. All that sheltered his tired head was a worn piece of cloth, barely covering his bald patch. Looking to the skies as each burden of light tore him apart with razor sharp blows to his mind. Gasping every inch of dry air filled his slow pumping lungs. All along in the back of his mind the music of yesterday played it's role in his sensitive position. Cautioned by the nothing that was taken over him, how could he go on? These questions filled every splinter of his being.

How could someone who once travelled so far and come through so much be so low and give in so suddenly? Had he given up ? Or had something else predicted his pathway of life? There just seemed to be no answers to his questions. With his head held low and all that surrounded him not mattering anymore. Then all of a sudden a blast of vibration and volt took over his weak disposition. He grew tall and strong. Shaken by what was suddenly happening, what was happening to him? He did not know? Nothing could of shifted him before, now he was taller than ever almost touching the sky. His once tired lungs were working like mechanical systems. His once worn eyes felt no more digging pain. His once crusted face was cold to the touch. Was he dead ? or dreaming? these questions filled his mind.

' Why does the sun hurt no more ' ? ' Why do i not feel hunger or thirst any more ' ? With no one there to answer his questions , where was he to go? Fear suddenly took over this was an emotion he had not seen in a long time. As tall as he stood he couldn't understand all that was changing about him. Every step he took was like an earth moving motion. Jolting even him slightly off course. Where am i to go now? More powerful than ever he ran with excitement. Not been bothered by the huge gaps he left in his path. Freedom was his once again. A smile filled his cold skin. It was an effort to force this smile as his skin felt so tight and hard to move. The sand underneath his feet blew up and over the dry broken ground. Not realising that while he was running and causing the ground to move , he was encouraging life underneath to come through. 

He felt like he could run for ever and never ever stop. Suddenly another sharp light came down and lasered the ground on which he was making so much of. What ? he thought out loud. What is happening? No words or actions followed. He came to a stop. Not feeling tired, not feeling pain. Then out of no where, came a figure much the same as someone he knew before but different. ' Who are you '. The figure stood and uttered not a word. Confused by the silence, curiosity got the better of him. He walked over in his heavy manner. Every thump of the weakened ground beat every inch of her. Not knowing who she was bewildered his changed mind. ' I feel like i know you ? ' , he thought to himself. Walking around her almost making himself dizzy, her eyes followed him with every breath he took. She suddenly opened her thoughts as he was thrown back by knowing what she was saying. To his surprise her lips didn't move, her words were driven by a telepathic form.

' Right ' , he spoke. ' What is going on here '? She continued to use her mind to drive her words through to him. ' I come from far away, a place you have forgotton about'. 'What place'? This made no sense to him at all. Lingering in the air a familiar smell drove a memory back to him. As this grew stronger and stronger so did her telepathic words to him. They were like formulas in his head not written words. Each one made sense to him for some strange reason. A flash of light came again, different than before. ' Run' , she shouted to him. 'What ' ? 'Why '? The look in her eyes made him aware of the danger that would unfold if he stayed. How could he run without her by his side? What would happen to her if he left her? With no answers in his mind, the ground opened up and pulled her in. 'No', he shouted out .

Friday, 22 February 2013

Please release Me

Sitting on the edge of glory
worry just stood still
happiness that he once felt
lost in his own thoughts
sadness was his pill

Please set me free
please let me be me
as his knees dug
the cold dirt filled ground
all he could hear
was his own heart pound

Scattered clouds of grey
that filled the lonely skies
tears that filled him up inside
stinging his water worn out eyes

Patience is a virtue
which to some it comes so near
for others it can hit them hard
making nothing else clear

Screams of the voices of yesterday
filled his lonly mind
almost taking over him
until he was virtually blind

When a tiny glimmer of hope
landed in his path
a leaf that fell so slowly
like a butterflies tiny raft

Where once held a heavy heart
feet of stone no more
a body light as a feather
a soul had been reborn

A free man now he felt
no longer , lingering pain
the chains and shackles of yesterday
will never tie him down again

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Don't forget us

I remember the days
when i would go and see you
a loving hand
you would hold out
and teach me my times two

A gentle voice
a loving heart
a wonderful person
right from the start

Always having time
for others
never thinking of yourself
pushing back the housework
to  make a conversation and help

At meal times always a place set
everyones for tea
laughter and chat filled the room
you were as busy as a bee

Never ever thinking
that one day would come
that we would watch over you
now it is our turn

Your loving smile still touches us
at will we wish you well
the happy times we remember
not on the illness that you have
we don't want to dwell

Your heart is strong
your mind is too
were so lucky
to have someone like you

So all that you have taught us
we hold deep inside
we know that you are an angel on earth
your wings you choose to hide

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentine kisses

When all the flowers
the petels you are to give
have wilted away
love wont go through your fingers like a sieve

Wishing wanting more
than chocolates , cards and much more
when on this valentines day
love comes knocking on your door

Pick yourself up
look at the hand
that is wanting you to hold
treasure the memories
new and old

Kisses so soft
cuddles so near
courage of love
lighting up your night

Listen carefully
love like never before
knowing your valentine
knocked on your door
leaving their feelings
with you, for ever more

Monday, 11 February 2013

Hear the Roar

Wild is his heart
his roar like none before
guarding all that lie in his circle
stars that shine down
glisten in his eyes
that sparlke
Ruffed up hair
that encourages her stare
eyes that are so powerful
prey in his path
looking on at him
eat his way through
it looks awful
King of the jungle
mauling the kill
circle of life
this is how it is done
feeding the cubs fill
Lioness looks on in pride
his tail so strong
as it waves at her
in a flirting glide
He protects her
like no other
after all
she is the queen
she is the futures mother
Run like the wind
faster than the prey
there he is
off on his way
Hunter of the day
he waits patiently
he will catch it
he won’t let them stand still
in the haze of the suns rays
Strength of the time
roaring all around
unsettling fear
fills the safari
stillness sound

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Magical Scenes

If for every sparkle
that would fall from the sky
leave us full of wonder
wondering where and why?

Smile that crosses over
as footsteps crunch the undergrowth
lighthouses that guide the lifeboats
as the sparkle shines up high

Skyline of light
bring me your night
bring me your day
wonders of what may come
wonders of your display

Shimmering landscapes
shimmering lights
sparkling dotted dancing colors
bursts of sunshine rays

Bolts of rainbows
after the rain
taste the emotions
filling the air

As each perfect raindrop
falls from a single strand of hair
like a tiny teardrop
then suddenly disappears

Scents of tall grass
scents of blue torn skies
birds in flight
taken cover on the way
oh what a magical day


Drown my sadness
drown my grin
tare me down
pull from within

Taking away parts
leaving nothing there
leaving me isolated
in my own skin

Trails of scented nothing
trails of love before
now the hunger is there
like never, hurt hearts
hung, dragged on the floor

Whistling of promises
given false hope
choking a life
turning the rope

Blasts of laughter
fall from your lips
no more loving
no more touch
of your finger tips

Leave now
leave before
do not wait
for me to open the door

Sea of humour
there simply is none
once there was happiness
no one has won

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Forever Young

Looking into he light
where he once lay
he used to be her braken dawn
he used to be her day

Scented flowers that lay by her side
tears that fell to far
touching every part of where
used to fall his arm

Spoken words that once filled
a fun filled room
now that nothing was there
only a slight scent of perfume

Holding the past in her arms
holding him close
knowing who she was then
would never be close

looking at his picture
deep in the granite stone
words scripted in time
this man she once held
never ever crossed the line

Wind blowing slightly
moving memories away
he came to catch her hand
as he light filtered out the day

As her families salty tears
filled the room that was once filled with fun
she had now gone with him
to the run the pathways of the sky
where they would dance and feel the love
that was once in each others eyes.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Between the Cracks

As fragile as a tiny flake
her shadows of the past
began to rush and race
making her gentle heart go at a fast pace

Images of yesterday
caught up in time
flashing words became her call
lightening bolts pushed her from her feet

Staring into the emptyness
the nothing that was there
salty tears
clung to her face
along her soft curls of hair

Reflections of herself
looking back at her
who is this person
she has become

Once the road
was paved with dreams
that seemed so true
now the road was dark
nothing there , nothing new

Tunnels of dancing light
found there way through
into a icy presence
of someone she never knew

Stop the hurt
stop the pain
when it comes
it surely rains

Following dreams she once knew
now seemed so crystal clear
now seemed
so true

Friday, 18 January 2013

Broken Silence

Hearts that drag along
hearts that play along to their own song
which way does the rivers flow
which way does the water flow

Let the wind blow
let the love feel the way you know
it should go
leaving behind happiness
leaving imprints of foot prints
in the snow

As the cold grasps
each breath taken
kissing soft lips
capturing hearts
that have not yet been forsaken

Glide her off her feet
him off his
whisper how much you care
as you owe it all
to her and you

Take her by the hand
be in control
don't wait for someone else
to be there for her fall

As the leaves pass by
these will be the years that have slipped away
catch them as they fall
don't let them die and decay

Move her like never before
smiling eyes
that want you more and more
gentle touch of her hips
tasting sweetness of her lips

A man is what she needs
not someone who
wants to always fill his own needs
someone in control
someone who can take the toll

Lead her and guide her
she will follow each word you say
fill her with honesty
don't mind if she feels
all of your modesty

Like butterflies flying freely
hearts beating in time
words left unspoken
can sometimes fill
a heart that is broken

Measuring Minds

As she lay awake
measuring his face inside
the tunnels of her mind
his deep breaths
lay down paths of wonder
for her mind to ponder

Breathing in and out
his silence meant something more
than the words that came the hours
they had shared before

Emotions of new
filled her up inside
her fantasies
ran away within her
flowing mind

As he turned away from her
she smiled so gently
knowing he was dreaming
of her and all he knew

She has skipped so many hearts
threw arrows in empty directions before
but now love had truly come
knocking on her door

Leaving her flushed
light headed and freely bare
her mind was a wondering dream
he was always there

As she measured all who had come before
who had stayed and went
he was her statue of concrete
no one else would compare
the time in which they spent

Thursday, 10 January 2013

If i were alone

Would i hit my head against the wall
would i walk and stand tall
would i run and scream and hide
where would i go

Wishing those times we once had
were still here
wishing that you never crushed me
to the bone
once wishing those times away

Waking up to yet another day
waking up alone
where have those happy days gone
where have the memories slipped off to
where has the laughter disappeared off to

Once there was us
only me and you
now there is only a emptyness
a gap that can never be filled
knowing you can never return

A stairway
would bring me to you
as i would climb each step
happiness would fill me
the kind i once knew

So gather me up
hold me strong
teach me to understand
just where i belong

Hold me up
don't tie me down
wishing you were here
knowing deep inside
your everywhere around

Friday, 4 January 2013

Breaking Point

To say there is a right or wrong
to say there is wrong or right
to understand what others do
to see them stand up and fight

Taken time
reflecting back
over what has come and gone
the loved ones that have stayed with you
the ones who have just moved on

A new start
a new beginning
where everyone is fighting and winning
new plans and deals to make
some will last
some will break

Be gentle along the way
of how you dance and play
be careful with your steps
don't try to upset

Gentle hearts and gentle minds
curious adventures
stealing rhymes
clover wishes
beating drums
whispering fields
oh here she comes

Be your own destiny
not follow in that of others
hold onto the hands that hold you
especially your lovers