Thursday, 31 January 2013

Forever Young

Looking into he light
where he once lay
he used to be her braken dawn
he used to be her day

Scented flowers that lay by her side
tears that fell to far
touching every part of where
used to fall his arm

Spoken words that once filled
a fun filled room
now that nothing was there
only a slight scent of perfume

Holding the past in her arms
holding him close
knowing who she was then
would never be close

looking at his picture
deep in the granite stone
words scripted in time
this man she once held
never ever crossed the line

Wind blowing slightly
moving memories away
he came to catch her hand
as he light filtered out the day

As her families salty tears
filled the room that was once filled with fun
she had now gone with him
to the run the pathways of the sky
where they would dance and feel the love
that was once in each others eyes.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Between the Cracks

As fragile as a tiny flake
her shadows of the past
began to rush and race
making her gentle heart go at a fast pace

Images of yesterday
caught up in time
flashing words became her call
lightening bolts pushed her from her feet

Staring into the emptyness
the nothing that was there
salty tears
clung to her face
along her soft curls of hair

Reflections of herself
looking back at her
who is this person
she has become

Once the road
was paved with dreams
that seemed so true
now the road was dark
nothing there , nothing new

Tunnels of dancing light
found there way through
into a icy presence
of someone she never knew

Stop the hurt
stop the pain
when it comes
it surely rains

Following dreams she once knew
now seemed so crystal clear
now seemed
so true

Friday, 18 January 2013

Broken Silence

Hearts that drag along
hearts that play along to their own song
which way does the rivers flow
which way does the water flow

Let the wind blow
let the love feel the way you know
it should go
leaving behind happiness
leaving imprints of foot prints
in the snow

As the cold grasps
each breath taken
kissing soft lips
capturing hearts
that have not yet been forsaken

Glide her off her feet
him off his
whisper how much you care
as you owe it all
to her and you

Take her by the hand
be in control
don't wait for someone else
to be there for her fall

As the leaves pass by
these will be the years that have slipped away
catch them as they fall
don't let them die and decay

Move her like never before
smiling eyes
that want you more and more
gentle touch of her hips
tasting sweetness of her lips

A man is what she needs
not someone who
wants to always fill his own needs
someone in control
someone who can take the toll

Lead her and guide her
she will follow each word you say
fill her with honesty
don't mind if she feels
all of your modesty

Like butterflies flying freely
hearts beating in time
words left unspoken
can sometimes fill
a heart that is broken

Measuring Minds

As she lay awake
measuring his face inside
the tunnels of her mind
his deep breaths
lay down paths of wonder
for her mind to ponder

Breathing in and out
his silence meant something more
than the words that came the hours
they had shared before

Emotions of new
filled her up inside
her fantasies
ran away within her
flowing mind

As he turned away from her
she smiled so gently
knowing he was dreaming
of her and all he knew

She has skipped so many hearts
threw arrows in empty directions before
but now love had truly come
knocking on her door

Leaving her flushed
light headed and freely bare
her mind was a wondering dream
he was always there

As she measured all who had come before
who had stayed and went
he was her statue of concrete
no one else would compare
the time in which they spent

Thursday, 10 January 2013

If i were alone

Would i hit my head against the wall
would i walk and stand tall
would i run and scream and hide
where would i go

Wishing those times we once had
were still here
wishing that you never crushed me
to the bone
once wishing those times away

Waking up to yet another day
waking up alone
where have those happy days gone
where have the memories slipped off to
where has the laughter disappeared off to

Once there was us
only me and you
now there is only a emptyness
a gap that can never be filled
knowing you can never return

A stairway
would bring me to you
as i would climb each step
happiness would fill me
the kind i once knew

So gather me up
hold me strong
teach me to understand
just where i belong

Hold me up
don't tie me down
wishing you were here
knowing deep inside
your everywhere around

Friday, 4 January 2013

Breaking Point

To say there is a right or wrong
to say there is wrong or right
to understand what others do
to see them stand up and fight

Taken time
reflecting back
over what has come and gone
the loved ones that have stayed with you
the ones who have just moved on

A new start
a new beginning
where everyone is fighting and winning
new plans and deals to make
some will last
some will break

Be gentle along the way
of how you dance and play
be careful with your steps
don't try to upset

Gentle hearts and gentle minds
curious adventures
stealing rhymes
clover wishes
beating drums
whispering fields
oh here she comes

Be your own destiny
not follow in that of others
hold onto the hands that hold you
especially your lovers