Thursday, 31 January 2013

Forever Young

Looking into he light
where he once lay
he used to be her braken dawn
he used to be her day

Scented flowers that lay by her side
tears that fell to far
touching every part of where
used to fall his arm

Spoken words that once filled
a fun filled room
now that nothing was there
only a slight scent of perfume

Holding the past in her arms
holding him close
knowing who she was then
would never be close

looking at his picture
deep in the granite stone
words scripted in time
this man she once held
never ever crossed the line

Wind blowing slightly
moving memories away
he came to catch her hand
as he light filtered out the day

As her families salty tears
filled the room that was once filled with fun
she had now gone with him
to the run the pathways of the sky
where they would dance and feel the love
that was once in each others eyes.

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