Thursday, 10 January 2013

If i were alone

Would i hit my head against the wall
would i walk and stand tall
would i run and scream and hide
where would i go

Wishing those times we once had
were still here
wishing that you never crushed me
to the bone
once wishing those times away

Waking up to yet another day
waking up alone
where have those happy days gone
where have the memories slipped off to
where has the laughter disappeared off to

Once there was us
only me and you
now there is only a emptyness
a gap that can never be filled
knowing you can never return

A stairway
would bring me to you
as i would climb each step
happiness would fill me
the kind i once knew

So gather me up
hold me strong
teach me to understand
just where i belong

Hold me up
don't tie me down
wishing you were here
knowing deep inside
your everywhere around

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