Monday, 11 February 2013

Hear the Roar

Wild is his heart
his roar like none before
guarding all that lie in his circle
stars that shine down
glisten in his eyes
that sparlke
Ruffed up hair
that encourages her stare
eyes that are so powerful
prey in his path
looking on at him
eat his way through
it looks awful
King of the jungle
mauling the kill
circle of life
this is how it is done
feeding the cubs fill
Lioness looks on in pride
his tail so strong
as it waves at her
in a flirting glide
He protects her
like no other
after all
she is the queen
she is the futures mother
Run like the wind
faster than the prey
there he is
off on his way
Hunter of the day
he waits patiently
he will catch it
he won’t let them stand still
in the haze of the suns rays
Strength of the time
roaring all around
unsettling fear
fills the safari
stillness sound

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