Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Magical Scenes

If for every sparkle
that would fall from the sky
leave us full of wonder
wondering where and why?

Smile that crosses over
as footsteps crunch the undergrowth
lighthouses that guide the lifeboats
as the sparkle shines up high

Skyline of light
bring me your night
bring me your day
wonders of what may come
wonders of your display

Shimmering landscapes
shimmering lights
sparkling dotted dancing colors
bursts of sunshine rays

Bolts of rainbows
after the rain
taste the emotions
filling the air

As each perfect raindrop
falls from a single strand of hair
like a tiny teardrop
then suddenly disappears

Scents of tall grass
scents of blue torn skies
birds in flight
taken cover on the way
oh what a magical day

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