Friday, 22 February 2013

Please release Me

Sitting on the edge of glory
worry just stood still
happiness that he once felt
lost in his own thoughts
sadness was his pill

Please set me free
please let me be me
as his knees dug
the cold dirt filled ground
all he could hear
was his own heart pound

Scattered clouds of grey
that filled the lonely skies
tears that filled him up inside
stinging his water worn out eyes

Patience is a virtue
which to some it comes so near
for others it can hit them hard
making nothing else clear

Screams of the voices of yesterday
filled his lonly mind
almost taking over him
until he was virtually blind

When a tiny glimmer of hope
landed in his path
a leaf that fell so slowly
like a butterflies tiny raft

Where once held a heavy heart
feet of stone no more
a body light as a feather
a soul had been reborn

A free man now he felt
no longer , lingering pain
the chains and shackles of yesterday
will never tie him down again


  1. Thank you Bernie. That's quite beatiful

  2. Your very welcome, thanks for the word that helped and inspired me to write this piece Patrick.