Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The last word

Was not that i could not write it
was not that i could not see
was not that i could not feel it
was not that i could not be me

Tapping on the keys
tapping in my brain
tapping out new ideas
some remain the same

Natural thoughts in motion
wonders of my mind
blurring vision kicks in
images leave me blind

Staring in to space
ideas come to me
blasting , lightening fast
the books are on my knees

Revision of something i learned
inspiration is on every page
i am no longer a writer in distress
i am not longer locked in a cage

As the light shines in through the window
and fairy dust filters away
i smile knowing i have finished it now
never thought i would see the day

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Wild Eyes

Hidden eyes of wonder
pumping amusement my way
pushing pressure
in to the light of day

Rush your hands
along the bare wall
hearing a voice in the background
him thinking ,'Is it her call?'

Turning around to see
there she is
skirt slightly
above her knees

Light flickering in to the room
his heart is pounding fast
as he in hails
the sweet smell of
her perfume

Her eyes grip his
like mesmerizing stars in the night
unable to look away
he holds out his hand

Pulls her into him
turns her towards the door
as he carries her across
the stony floor

With his hands held
firmly on her hips
he softly touches
her soft red lips

With passion
and lust
filling both up inside
it is like two beautiful
worlds about to collide

The energy that refuses
to stand still
hunger that fills up
a room full of sin

Lifting her up
as she drips down on him
her scent allures him
it pulls him right in


Friday, 22 March 2013

Casting Shadows

Rumbling hills fall over me
sea beds wash me away
skies that throw off clouds of grey
bring about another day

Tiny seeded ground
creatures venture around
open land
bare solid trees band

Casting her eyes over all
lights in the distance
she could hear his call
walking towards his shadow
waiting for him
to catch her fall

As a rush ran  through her
happiness filled her face
deep down inside
she could not of been in a better place

Running, racing towards his voice
soon she would be there
but no one would be waiting
just an empty place

The voices were inside her head
the past events of then
as the hills rolled over
her heart was emptied out again

Shoulders that once sheltered her
hands that held her strong
nothing could replace the way she felt
for loving him so long

Walking in Darkness

Allow me to turn
allow me to see
allow me to love you
allow me to be me

Whispers on shoulders
whispers of the breeze
whispers of silence
whispers through the trees

Falling in love
falling for you
falling more than before
falling on the floor

Let me share
let me in
let me show you
let life begin

Kisses of the past
kisses that last
kisses so gentle
kisses that make
our hearts shoot into the night
like shooting stars
that blast

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Running from the gun

Begger man , begger man
don't make me steal
i don't want to come to harm
i don't want to be real

Stop me right now
don't encourage me
hold me back from temptation
let me just see

Why do you insist
i do the things i do
why can't you say no to me
why be stuck to me like glue

Make me see sense
show me where im going wrong
do not let me turn the path
help me to stay strong

Why must you push me around
in this way
everytime i look at you
i know this is the day

Another day spent
taken for you
why cant i stand up for myself
i do not want to be like you

Leave me in peace
leave me alone
silence now fills the steps
of where you once called home

All i wanted was freedom and choice
now all i feel
is the silence of your
once demanding voice

Dreams i once chased
are now carved in stone
we are finally together
two cowboys on the run
in a place we call home

As we are laid down to sleep
side by side
we will ride the clouds above
like Bonnie and Clyde

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Uncovering the Past

Looking out the window
frosted tints covered it's ware
tiny spread out lines and shapes
crispy feathered squares

Wondering where she was right now
wondering where she used to be
nothing seemed to make sense anymore
of the woman she used to see

Flickering flashback moments
sometimes forgotton closets in her mind
keepsakes of the times gone by
closing up her blinds

Turning to see another
the image on the wall
who is this before me?
i pray, i can not recall?

Confusing takes over the body
nothing makes sense anymore
of who she used to be
of who she is no more