Saturday, 20 April 2013

Beyond your Dreams

Reaching beyond the fields
as far as the eyes can see
looking for more
looking out to sea

Branches shadow
birds in flight
winds that sweep away
the children s kite

Dusting foot prints
gather along perfect images
posing for the camera
saying words like sausages

Flickering sunshine glowing in the sky
clouds full of shapes
feeling the escape
running wild water
up to the knees

Bringing them back
to the time of ease
no pressures of life
so simple and at peace

Silence of the day
no rain to wash them away
hand prints left in the sand
castles built on demand

As hunger fills them up
the dry it hits their throats
looking back over their shoulders
of beauty of it's coat

Don't take me for granted
don't leave me to long
come back and see me
playing your song

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