Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Shadows i make along the wall
they follow me everywhere
they move along in motion
they act like they don’t care
I look closely as they mimic my every move
especially along the cracks along the groove
Sun shinning down
shadows are there again
i am only small
but it looks like
a giant man
Come along my friend
come with me
oops i let the plate fall
but it wasn’t me at all
Mam she is at it again
jane is an awful pain
always getting me in trouble
why am i to blame?
Skipping away to the rope
clashing off the ground
with each movement
i can hear my heart pound
Over the moon
and under the stars
chocolate melting
ice cream and candy bars
Racing on bikes
not a care in the world
only adventure in our little hearts
we just can’t be told
Recognize me
i am me
one day i will be to big
to sit on your knee

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