Friday, 26 July 2013

Chasing Expectations

As the curtain on the window blew higher and higher so did his expectations. He looked out at her shadow as it passed by her pain torn frame.  Thinking to himself like many nights before ‘Who is this lady ‘?  He threw himself back in his chair that was situated in the corner of the room. He had a perfect view of all that captivated his wondering eyes.  As the moon showed it true form so did she for a single second. He moved towards the arm of the chair curious for a glimpse. Wide eyed he played with more than her image in his mind. She was all he could think about.

Wanting her to show herself over and over again. Questions still filled the inner frameworks of his desiring lusting mind. His pupils in his eyes went in and out hoping that those seconds would last for ever.  Darkness filled the lining of his eyes. She had pulled the curtains closed.  A falling breath left his lips. Exhausted by her beauty he left the chair and fell to the bed. He slowly closed his eyes and smiled a cheeky grin.  He fell to sleep in the blink of an eye.

As night turned into day. The haze of the sunshine fumed it’s way in through the gaps in the curtains. He suddenly woke up in a panic. His heart was beating like a drum.  Realising it was only a dream that had made him wake up so suddenly, he rested his head for a minute or two.  A smile formed the curves of his face once again. He was thinking of the night before. Of what he had seen and had encouraged his already racing mind.  He sat up on the bed and his eyes were pulled towards the window once again.  Standing up, he walked towards the window and pulled the curtains open. Then he placed his hands on his eyes as the bright sun almost took what eye sight he had away. 

He opened up the window to let some air in to the room. As he reached over to do so, she looked out at him. His breath was lowering again but his heart was racing like wild horses.  With blushed cheeks and a sweaty forehead he could barely think enough to open his mouth and say something.  ‘Think you fool ‘, he said to himself.  She never even noticed all that was going on with him but she did notice the loose gutter above his head. ‘Watch out ‘, she shouted out to him. Before he knew it down came the side of the gutter on his head and the water on top of him. He was soaked. Serves me right he thought to himself. How must I look in front of her now? He ran back into the room in haste.

A knock came to the door. ‘I’m not answering it’, he said to himself. The embarrassment I have caused. Another knock came on the door. ‘Oh please go away’, almost crying in to his hands that covered his eyes of fear.   Another knock followed again and again.  He decided I may answer it. He went down and half afraid to open the door the sweat mixed with water dripping down his face. As he opened the door he could see a shadow waiting at the other side.

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