Sunday, 24 November 2013

Satin Sheets


Following her into the room, he wondered. Where does she go when I’m not with her? What goes through her mind? She turned on her heel and smiled at him. Her loving smile reassured his once running mind. She is more beautiful than a summer’s day. Her skin is so fair and soft.  Her hair dark like the night sky.  Her touch like soft cotton.  Her stare wondered into him. Her eyes would travel every inch of his body. It was lovely but he couldn't understand why he loved her stare so much. It was intense but exciting.

As she brushed her hair over her shoulder to unzip her dress, he couldn't help but stare at her beauty. Wanting to touch her in that instance.  As he went over and offered to help her struggling finger tips, she seemed to be managing it all on her own. But this confused him. Would she ever need him as much as he seemed to need her. Would she want him in the same breath as her. 

There she stood in front of the mirror , she was glancing back at him knowing he was taking in all she was doing. His thirst for her was all she could consume in those few minutes.  She then turned and politely asked for his help. But he looked like a vulnerable puppy at her. What can I do to help? I cannot undo this clasp. It held all that was sacred to her together. He was delighted at her wanting him to get closer. Let me help with that. Her smile curved the corners of her face. Her heart was gently moving from a gentle beat to a skipping happiness. 

His hands felt cold to the touch this made the curve of her spine move slightly. ‘I’m sorry did I hurt you? ‘ No she replied your hands are cold. She turned around and took his hands in hers. Blew gently with her breath on his fingers. Rubbing them then in a brushing manner to warm his blood. This took him off guard. No woman had ever bothered to do such a thing before. His confused look into her eyes as both of their eyes stuck to one another like glue. They were almost hooked on the other person.

They stood in that very spot as his now warm hands took her fallen curls away from her face. She loved what was happening but didn't want him to see how she felt inside. He moved his hand down along her neck line. His fingers then wondered over her shoulder.  Her body seemed to do things all on it’s own. She closed her eyes enjoying this experience. Her lips pouting in response to his gentle touch.  He then turned her back around and undone her clasp. She was confused now. All the touching and caressing had stopped. In a way she wanted it but in another she didn't.  He moved his hand over the area where the clasp had been fixed. His finger  tips moving in between the marks it left on her back.  With each touch she wanted more and more. She could feel the warmth of his body coming over to hers. By now both of his hands were working there way around her body as his breath blew down her naked back. With one hand holding her hair up and the other gently moving along her back she was in his cell now. A prisoner of lust she felt in that very moment.

All that covered her now was the thin lace over her lower body. It was barely there. Her heels still on her feet which made him want her more than ever. As he stroked her back she held his hand on her hip and then the other hand on her other hip. Moving her flowing curves around his skin she wanted to tease and please all in the same fowl swoop.  He knew she was excepting his gestures and he wanted to her to take control too.  As she did his face lit up even more. She had given him permission to want her. He had given her what she needed. Someone to want more to than devour her instantly. He wanted to get to know her very being.  His lips opened up as if he was about to kiss her. He spoke you are so beautiful. Do you know how you make me feel? No she replied, how do I make you feel with a soft gentle smile. You make me feel something I have never felt before. Tell me , tell me how I make you feel. I can not explain it in words. There is something about you. A mystery something that no other possesses.  I need you tonight. She loved he wanted her so much. He took her by the hand and showed her the way. She followed each one of his footsteps with curiosity.  He took her to the satin sheets and lay her down gently. He then turned to close the door as he walked forward to do so she whispered in a soft voice. What happens now? You tell me my dear.

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