Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Not Knowing

Pain stricken suffering
destruction beyond compare
nobody knows
who once lived there

Sand blasted ground
white chalked soil
mothers cry out
waiting for their child

Patience and understanding
as help arrives
hope is all they have
tears and tiredness
in their eyes

Frustrated and battered
by all they have seen
how can anyone contemplate
such horrifying scenes

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Natures Way

As natural a snow drop
As natural a flake
As natural the grass grows
As natural a mistake

Mistaking the moves
foliage lay bare
wondering and waiting
the fruits of our wares

Hips hugging nature
eyes sparkling through the night
animal sounds
some giving us a fright

Racing and pondering
who is the perfect one
eyes glance across the room
lusting for some

Gasping breaths of each
animals wild and tamed
beating breaths of hunger
chasing life’s reins

Gathering in packs
looking for the one
scent driven dominate
figures they have become

Wildness has no limits
lust it has no end
natures loving arm
prey on us
as we defend

Friday, 10 April 2015

How Fortunate

Imagine falling
imagine now
imagine something
imagine somehow

Somehow knowing
somehow it all
somehow what could happen
somehow receiving that call

That call you never thought
that call would never come
that call overwhelmed you
that call somehow never should

Never should of happened
never could of came
never would of been possible
never would you be the same

The same things happen
sometimes every single day
sometimes little miracles
do come through
even though your so far away.

Thursday, 9 April 2015


Working her way to no where
feeling like a fool
endless days of nothing
sat up there on that stool

Pushing herself to her limits
muscles torn ripping her sides
hands move slowly downwards
hair brushes along as she glides

Heat impacts her body
air there is none to breath
she has made her bed now
she has sown her seed

Plummeting herself forward
into the dusty air
body dusting dancing
shoes left idol there

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Dare to Win

A rush of air
a rush of will
his tormented soul
never knew where to begin

Walking around
with his head in the ground
nothing to share
not a single sound

Flashing of lights
the rush of the crowd
sweet smell of perfume
made his heart pound

Singular figures
parallel lines
looking at his hands
spines of hardened times

Bolts of white lightening
phantoms of knew
strangers of the night
out of the blue

Curled up in emptiness
figure lying still
dare he open his eyes or heart
dare he hunger for the thrill

Saturday, 4 April 2015

No Reply

Hearing the calls
voices of yesterday
echoes all around
faces in dismay

Shoulders hung forward
pain etched in solace places
no more smiles
sorrow in spaces

Footsteps loud and clear
thumping of beating hearts
dirt driven ground
yours is the last sound