Thursday, 2 July 2015

Shadows Past

Never feeling like an intruder in anyone's life, yet alone in her own. She stepped down off the last step and into her future. Gone were the days when frustration and puzzles filled her worn out mind. Kissing goodbye to the past and hello to the future. Everything seemed so bright.

'Time stands still for no one', she thought. Walking alone with her head held high nothing could phase her proud new self. Until she caught her own reflection in the a shop window. It was as tough time was standing still for ever. Taking her fingers to her face, she brushed her fingers along her cheeks. Slowly moving them down along her neck.  Confusion of who she was striving to be and once was, that person she left on the last step set in.  'Am I moving into someone else's life or my own?'.  Suddenly a tear rolled from her eye.  'I am finally seen myself for the first time in a long time'. Missing her old self , someone full of confidence and most of all happiness. Like an inner piece that cannot be explained.

A familiar smell wafted past her.  She caught a quick glimpse. A shadow stole her moment. Then a voice broke the silence of her thoughts.  ' I know you don't I?' 'Sorry she said'.  ' Do I know you?' 'We went for the same interview, but you got the job'. 'How is that job going now?' 'Oh I don't work there anymore'. 'Why what happened?' ' Nothing I just decided that I needed to live again'. 

'I remember you seemed so happy' . 'Happiness cannot be found in just one place'. ' It took me a lot of soul searching to figure that out'.  ' Are you happy now then?' 'I'm about to find out'.  Taking herself off on an adventure where she didn't know where it would take her. She seemed to be embracing herself, her new founded surroundings and an encounter with someone who was so much like the old her. But at the same time reminded her of the new her.

'Lasting impression is what I want to leave in my footprints in life'.  These were the last words spoken to the woman she had so much in common with. ' I hope you find what you are looking for'

' So do I, but if I don't well at least I will have fun trying'. 

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