Thursday, 30 June 2016


Claws expose

The darkness beneath

Scraping away

Turning the bitter pill

Eyes red

Suffocating under the rising sun

Caving in

To the under ground

Wilderness so profound

Lash the soil

Nails pull to throw

Memories lined up

In a perfect row

Swallow the water

That fills hollow jaws

Isolation is the

Tortured soul

Reflections that mirror

Wires of the innocent

Fertile lands

Seeds never to flourish

Sunday, 26 June 2016


Thirst driven

Emotions drive

Forbidden steps forward

Grabbing the inner

Realms of unnatural

Wondrous imagery

Catapulting time

Until it stands still

Rescuing the nothing

The days of flashing

Years bypassing

Those resisting

The reality

Of humanity

Smoke reacts to the thin air

Changing it’s direction

Time for reflection

Tiny particles

Of dust

Breeze by

Carried along

Angel wings

Whisper now

Don’t talk of such things

Drawn in eye line

Ears perplexed up

Lips widen

By words

There divine

There not mine

Rumbling skies

Take cover of the noise

Hands held over

Tormented lives



Blindfolded for your use
Actions hurt no excuse
Wild horses
Empty purses

Dragging shells
Tainted wells
Rainbows shine
Where life expels

Words drown out survival
No revival
Drenched in cold sweats
Pushing the roulette

Fogged up air
Silence of a single tear
Brushed off
Printed stains
Nothing remains   

Sunday, 19 June 2016


I am not here 
To wash your soul
I am not here
To fulfil your goals

I am not here
To be a mirror
For your past
I am not here
To be your shattered glass

Don’t think you own me
Stop in your tracks
I am not your horse to saddle
Don’t put your load on my back

When my arms
Are tired worn to the bone
Where are you then
I am helpless
All alone

Existence is not only for you
I am important
My words are honest and true
Take away my burden
Listen to my wording

I must bow down
Take what you give
Hands held above me
A life not yet lived

Where is my pathway
Where do I go
Who will shelter me
From the rain and the snow

Like a scarecrow
Been put there
For your obedience
Not a word I must utter
For I do not matter

Twisting and turning
The knife you will yield   
As I lay still
The night is my shield

Thursday, 16 June 2016


Tangled blooded heart
Stained sleeves
Worn from shattered glass
Breathless gasp

Fogged up air
Eyes in despair
Skin ripped to shreds
Veins that have blead

Clouds of darkness
Move along over her
Pulling each part of her
In different directions

Black marks
Stain the floor
Her heels dig in hard
Deep enough
Smiles in disregard

Nails rip the surface
Uncover years of
Unexplained wonder
Pulling him asunder

Monday, 6 June 2016

Elasticated Hearts

Follow on
stretching arms
gasping breath

Distinguishing eyes
Wafts of familiar ground
silence falls
not a single sound
only hearts that pound

Smeared glass
fogged up by
bated breath
like tear drops

Spirals of time
spines of the bells chime
steps of forward thoughts
remains of the linen cloths

Miles of road
feet break new ground
a life may never be found
silence is the only sound

Dirt tracks
distance on their backs
singular motions
hope is their potion