Sunday, 8 January 2017

Burning Desire

Shredded lines

Hardened times


Is his broken spine

Roads that meet

Divided by the past

Escape jarred up emotions

That never last

Prisoned by

Entwined vines

Hungry like wolves

Silent cries

Moon over river

Bring me your dawn

Scent of your nature

Waves of perfection

Brush against your lawn

Scents gather

Filling the air

Teasing the wildness

That once was there

Brushing fogged

Up glass

Prints of gasping clasps

Fingers hold

Fast moving breaths

Hearts beat

Like drums

Encased in

One another’s figure

Sheltering the fire

That burns

Deep inside

Fogged up glass

Eyes close fast

Fantasy fills

The air

He is her challenge

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