Tuesday, 19 June 2018


Let me break down your walls
Let me be your wrecking ball
Soft are my words
Yours don’t make sense
They sound so absurd

Playing games
Fulfils your cause
Let me stand there
As I can applaud

Act out your part
Play your role
Nine lives
There are none
Life is taking its toll

Branch out your arms
Catch my fall
Won’t you hold me
Not let me fall

Not your punching bag
Not your wrecking ball
I refuse to let you in
I refuse to fall


Solace was his emotion
His place where he needed to be
Forgive him for his isolation
This is his reality

Walls that burn within
Eyes that stand still
Pushed to the brink
Unable to blink

Burning desires
So much is required
Proof of effort
His own interview
He is hired

Madness and mayhem
Drive none exists
Sickening in his tummy
He still takes
Those risks

Empty glass
Falling in deeper
Shoulders they fall
No one hears his call


Surfs up
Waves rip up the shore
Sand flying over tumbling stones
Muscle torn bodies
Strength in his bones

Sound of the softened air
Birds in flight
Soon sunshine days
Will turn into night

Smell of the cinders
Burning yellow flames
Party all night
Thunder filled skies
Are all that remains

Blankets too hot to handle
Windows opened for air
Tiny particles of white
Shinning so bright
Will soon disappear

Morning brings its thirst
Widen waken your eyes
Roaring of the waves
Glorious sunshine is our surprise

Not a breath of air
Hearts beat out of time
Crashing of the waves
Beautiful summertime

Saturday, 16 June 2018


Wanting to salvage
All that was gone
Moon shone over
Where once he belonged

Damn those memories
Damn damn damn
I can’t get a hold
Of who I am

Traces of time
Flashing in and out
He will smile for now
Tomorrow he may shout

Confusion is apart
Of everyday life
Cutting his throat
Like a blade or a knife

When the walls are closing in
When no one is around
All he hears
Is his heartbeat
Its sound

Looking into the dark
As his eyes close
What will be his journey
Where nobody goes


Splintered battered worn
Washed up ashore
Salted covered flesh
The end game
Nothing left to explore

Horizon full of blissful orange
Sea it divides in two
One of the colour green
The other of the colour blue

Frothed edge of sand
Bubbling at its sides
Birds glide over gracefully
In his mouth strawberry
So tastefully

Smudged lips combine
Hugged hips define
Kisses on her neck
She’s a nervous wreck
Catching her before she falls
Arms full of her body
Whispering in her ear
She pulls him near

Waves crash between her legs
His body closes in
Come closer
She begs

Sun beams down
Along his spine
She is his mountain
He wished to climb

Trust me
Hold me
Don’t let me go
Legs tangled together
Bodies in flow

Monday, 11 June 2018


Rhythm of a dancer
Time stood still
Flashing of lights
Dancer of the night

Curved back
Full hips
Red touched
Perfect lips

Hands hypnotise them
Turning away
Turning shy guys
Into her prey

Pushing the barriers
Silhouette of her shadow
Takes over their


Relaxed sun kissed skin
Not a breath of air
Feel the sin

Sheets lift
Covered in between
Breeze pushes

Activate the temperature
Move a little more
He knows
What he is there for

Turn up the music
Take off your shoes
Activate the heat
Increase his heartbeat