Monday, 9 July 2018


Whispering softened voice
Pressed against her thighs
Printed fingers placed
Holding her in
Captured by her eyes

Gasping breaths
Holding him close
Her spine curving
Toes digging in
Around him
Drying out his throat

His eyes drawn in
By her beauty
She has stolen his attention
He longs for suspension

Darkened curls
Swirl around him
Like vines of suffocation
Performing perspiration

Heated walls
Lust fills the air
He catches her attention
If he dares


Let wild fires burn
Let hearts jump
Leap with each burn
Silence fossils edges
Of cindered soil

Canvas of painted red
Fills the sky
Yellow straw
Yields barrels of
Starvation to be fed

Burnt ground
Silence fills
The despair
Thinning of the bread
Rumbling sounds

Blossoms faded
By heat
Insects insist
Into retreat

No rumbling of blacked air
No rain just despair
Dry softened canvas
Damaged beyond compare  

Saturday, 7 July 2018


Bursting flames
Throwing sparks
Into the night
Emotions rise
Tempted temptress delight

Extinguish the light
Fire is raging
No end in sight
Restless hearts
Burn within
Darkened skies

Carry your soldier
Burden on your shoulders
Printed words
Fall in echoes
Torn damaged clothes

Eyes claw
Back salted tears
Mouth shivers
Body shakes
Emotion is fear

Here are the fallen
Now they have no voice
Captured tormented
Time stood still
No choice  


Let me be your camera
Let me free up your lense
Let me be your filter
Capturing images
That never end

Blue broke back mountains
Tinted with purple indent
Lavender scented walls
Hold a sensual scent

Piercing sunlight
Bring me my glimmer man
Dirt driven tracks
Trying not to fall
Between the cracks

Breathless body
Sweat drips down
Falling softly on lips
Leaves caress
Curved hips

Capturing flossed
Clouded sky
Toes dipping slowly
Into tall blades of grass
Picture of times gone past  

Alan Walker - Faded (Remix) ♫ Shuffle Dance (Music video) Electro House

Monday, 25 June 2018


Fail him
Impale him
Twist him inside out
No one hears his words

Balancing ideas
Pulsing hearts
Rhythm of pulse
These are the results

Sweat heated room
Steamed up windows
She shadows him
He wants to see
How far she will go

Falling trapped
In her dripping desire
Her heart is nailed
To his like wire

Seduction forbidden
Explosive emotions
Sheets printed with sin
The results are in

Phase one passed
Challenged by her mind
His blindfold is on
She is ready to be dined


Paint over my edges
Lift my pages to see
Why I don’t bleed
Why my eyes
Don’t cry
Why they don’t see

Picking at scabs
Aroused by the burn
Reflection in the mirror
Now it’s your turn

Eyes widen
Looking back at me
Easing now the feelings
Of the uneasy

Biting my tongue
I have nothing to say
Day turns into night
I fade away

Let me play
Let my mind be free
Black frees my heart
But it takes over my mind