Monday, 27 February 2017


Wanting to surrender  
To the life held tight
Wrapped in isolation
Over thinking
Causing perspiration

Hunted like a wild dog
Cornered by imagination
What is true
Eyes that cover the blue

Pressed down
Sheltered harness
Covers the invisible

Locked in time
Breath stands still
Fight none left
Secrets hidden
Cultivate the forbidden

Friday, 17 February 2017


In a corn field
Where nothing ever grows
He stands and stares
No one cares

Birds in flight
With the will to fight
Flying freely
Like a run away kite

Exhausted with tiredness
Sun scorching his head
Hands like splinters
Harsh will be the winter

Swooping down to capture
A closer look
Swirling around him
They take what they can

As the burnt ground
Suddenly hardens
With frost winters face
Hunger takes place

Let the rain fall
He prays
With his eyes touching the sky
Hardship in the lines of seeds
Again he prays oh why

Days pass nothing changes
Noise of the turning pages
Cries call out from the children
Empty tummies
Rumbling like drums

Digging the dark
Cold ground
Nothing to feed them
Nothing to be found

Laying their heads down
On cold damp beds
Echoes of hardship
Fill each wall


Let me be your
Beanstalk climb me
If you will
Shred my edges
Show me your skill

Aroused and woken
Words to be spoken
Calm the voices
Make your choices

Conquering the messages
Puzzled by the unsolved
Lay down your head
Sleep will resolve

Patience hidden
Underneath hands
That are worn
Worked to the bone


Let me climb
Your mountain
Allow me to
Taste your soul

Body fallen slowly
Like a new
Born foal

A trail of
Teasing delight
Eyes opened wide
Emotions suppressed

No where to run
No where to hide

Sunday, 22 January 2017


Stamping your heart
Footprints through your veins

Fossilised emotions
Body pushed
Grated down
Pushed with erosion

Muscles pumped
Exploding with the thrill
The scent of the iron
Is your pill

Sweat falls down
Scent fills the air
Curiosity of roving eyes
Smiles that tantalise

Dominate my mind
Close down my soul
I will play along
For I know my role

Purged to fulfil
Your fantasy
Reflection of who
You expect me to be

Push me pull me
Throw me about
Lips tied together
No room to shout

Pressed breath
Touches the cold air
Movement of her hand  

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Burning Desire

Shredded lines

Hardened times


Is his broken spine

Roads that meet

Divided by the past

Escape jarred up emotions

That never last

Prisoned by

Entwined vines

Hungry like wolves

Silent cries

Moon over river

Bring me your dawn

Scent of your nature

Waves of perfection

Brush against your lawn

Scents gather

Filling the air

Teasing the wildness

That once was there

Brushing fogged

Up glass

Prints of gasping clasps

Fingers hold

Fast moving breaths

Hearts beat

Like drums

Encased in

One another’s figure

Sheltering the fire

That burns

Deep inside

Fogged up glass

Eyes close fast

Fantasy fills

The air

He is her challenge

Thursday, 5 January 2017


Perfection in white

Your eyes

So innocent

Catch the light

Folds of satin

Carefully fall

In place

Ivory skin

In your flawless face

Dancing eyes

Glimmer like

The stars

Music to our ears

Like a thousand guitars

Hands cross over

Time stands still

Memories of this day

White satin

Holds the frill