Saturday, 5 May 2018


Watering cascades
Flowing downstream
Brushing sunbeams
Laughter and dreams

Brushed blue sky
Like and artist brush
Funnel of white
Spread out
Like fairy dust

Thirst filled throats
Heat wrapped tight
Travelling on string
Colourful kite

Scent of the green
A familiar smell
Coins left at the bottom
Of a wishing well

Running through
The yellow patterned field
Wonder of the crop
It will yield

Click hearing the camera
Snap snap snap
People cheering on
Clap clap clap

Voices in rejoice
Wonder fills the air
Are we nearly there



Bridges flooded
Divided by war
Echoes of yesterday
Minds are tore

Caged inside
Bloodied prints
On walls of fear
No time to run
No time for tears

Blasted from arms
Of their Mothers
Fathers crippled
Brought to their knees

Silence it falls
On the shadows ground
Echoes of yesterday
Hunted like a hound

Monday, 12 June 2017

Sculpted Minds

Magical senses sculpted
Process of the mind
Tempting teasing tasting
Lips combined

Forever foraged
Patterned skin
Blemishes of touch
A smile a grin

Columns of order
Comfort in chains
Torn skin
Patience is thin


Mirrored Lies

Mirrored standing alone
Voices everywhere
Sadness in worn out eyes
Heart is in disrepair

Echoes laughter follows
Footsteps from the past
Capsuled life now and then
So, it begins again

Monday, 15 May 2017


Gliding in to the arms
Of a future
Of the unknown
A room full of wonder
Is this called home

Walls that are drenched
In the past
Hunger of thorned

Heavy hearts
Dragging splinters
Digging veins
Bursting to expose
Shadows pose

Broken fences
Laneways of traited words
Brushing over
The absurd