Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Interview tomorow should be nervous but feel good about it amazing how wanting the course can drive all the nervous feelings i should have to the back of my mind .

closed your eyes

you closed your eyes
you fell asleep
the news of your passing made us weep
you will be missed by all especially your family
take care of him god
uncle we will see you again someday
for now rest in peace .rip uncle Dxxx

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

life changes

it is funny how life can change
how one minute you can be moved
by sometthing or someone
It can feel very strange

Like sometimes you meet someone
for the very first time
but it is like you have known them for years
they listen they get to know you they show care

Been kind to others is my philosphy
what you do for others makes the person whom you will be
A kind word or two travels along way
helping others whom may be in dismay

stand united stand strong help each other out
too much sadness on this earth
things have changes alot
help thy neighbour in times of need
dont rush by dont feed the greed

when i smile at the people that i meet
a simple thank you can be enough of a nice greeting
we all carrying our own little load of problems and burdens
but to take the time out to ask someone how was their day
can be enough to clear it out
the problems and worries we can carry around that is can be filtered through
with someone to simply listen and make our mood change
from blue to an emotion of new


missing you

now that you are gone
the house is so quiet
every sound i hear
it gives me a fright

trying to pass the time away
waiting for you both to come home on friday
we have never all been apart
but im sure this will be only the start

it will have to happen at one time or another
im proud to be your loving mother
we are so used to been all together
close as a family , no matter what the weather

i will watch the clock and count the days
when you will be home this will all be a phase
its amazing how time spent apart can tare
the strongest of a heart

work will keep me busy
you will be busy too
having fun in the sun
having a trip or two

so alas im finished this poem
deicated to you both
will see you on friday
may go i filling up have a lump in my throat


Sunday, 7 August 2011


Times are hard
Things have changed
Work is hard to find
The world seems very strange

Things have got out of control
There is no work no money
Too many on the dole
The guys that made this happen
Are bathing in the sun
Or living in luxury somwhere on the run

We cant run or hide from the bills
The morgages have to be paid
Or we have no where to live
We are living from hand to mouth
While those who have caused this
Are partying and been able to splash out

Our country is in dept
We are on our knees
Asking for money from other countries
Should we take it or leave it
What are we to do
Are we selling ourselves out ?
Are we drinking the stout ?

Our children are emirgrating
Theres nothing for them here
Their off to new shores
Not knowing what there

Families are separated, husband and wives
Mothers and daughters , sons and brothers alike
Wont see each other for a very long time
Its hard to see a child have to leave
The government wont fight
To keep their people here
Where they belong
After all it wasnt them that done all the wrong

They say they understand
What people are going through
But to be honest to the person on the street
The government have no clue

There words seem good
Their promises are there
But they dont go to bed hungry
Or stare at the bills or their children
Who have no medical care

Kids bellies are hungry 
The presses are bare
There is no money coming in
There is nothing ot repair
The car has been taken ,we cant travel anywhere
Families are living with parents
They are now their parents guests

The summer is upon us
No money to spare
No holidays away this year
But do the government care
No they dont sure what can they do

Makes you us wonder
Why we pay tax, prsi too
Things need to change
Jobs are few are far between
We are hanging on by the skin of our teeth
Lucky to have shoes on our feet

Christmas is fast approaching
The lists will be there
But will we be able to meet
The wishes of our children so dear
A STRUGGLE it will be for many a house hold
The budget will be interesting in deed
Will they stop the cut backs
So we can afford to feed
The empty bellies we carry aorund
Or will they pull the floor from underneath us leave us with nothing

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Secret place

Feeling like no one was there for Emily she would run to her hiding place .  She sat all alone sobbing her heart out then out of no where came a voice or was it just her imagination. Emily gazed up from her teary eyes and low and behold was a figure in front of her. "Are you ok": said she to Emily" who are you "? Emily replied back ? I am your mother could it really be . But thats not possible replied Emily 'go away she said ': your just lying to me like all the others . 'Like who'; said the voice . 'Did he send you here', 'who send me here  ', maybe its her after all taught Emily to herself . How can i trust you ? Have you a locket that you hide in this place where we sit . How could she know this its not possible .  'What if i have '?  I gave it to you before , before what Emily screamed out who are you? 'what do you want with me ?' 'I only want to be there for you' . 'But no one ever wants to be there for me not since she left' ,as a picture fell from her pocket she realised this lady in front of her was in fact her real mother .

Emily jumped up into her mothers arms embrassing her every touch and hug . She had been waiting for this moment for ever and now it had happened as she imagined even better . Emily could not take her eyes off her mother dont leave me just then she taught how will we tell them they are impossible . 'Emily' said her mother now wait there is nothing to  be worried about we will tell them together and nothing will take me away from you ever again .  So they set off to the house on the hill where father and herself would be waiting i suppose . KNOCK went the door , im scared said Emily no need assured her mother Jane . 'There you are', said the woman at the door. 'That's the other mother', she said. I am Jane said Emilys mum who are you  i am yes the other woman Emilys gobsmacked stepmother was feeling faint with the shock couldnt be she insisted with her shallow breath .  Just then the car pulled up and in it Emilys father where have you been Emily . Jane replied she was in her hiding place all girls have one . The stunned father look where have you come from thats a long story as you well know but we have a long time to talk it over . It wasnt long after THE OTHER MOTHER left and the real mother was back as if she had never been away .

Emilys life had changed for ever she had got what she always wanted a loving family and a REAL MOTHER . No more hiding places were needed .

On a Roll

Today started just like all the others wrong side of the bed . As i moved my aching body over to the side i began to roll whats that about ?  The echo in my head felt naturally like a hallow , for if it were tapped nothing inside . Oh no look at the time coffee meeting with the girls . Time to wash clean and get my butt in action .

As i rushed in the door to meet my fellow compadrays the door almost left my face print in it , jeeze wheeze what a morning this was turning out to be .  YUM give me that t-bone no heads sore feels like jelly what he hell hunger strikes , Oh hi girls .