Tuesday, 16 August 2011

life changes

it is funny how life can change
how one minute you can be moved
by sometthing or someone
It can feel very strange

Like sometimes you meet someone
for the very first time
but it is like you have known them for years
they listen they get to know you they show care

Been kind to others is my philosphy
what you do for others makes the person whom you will be
A kind word or two travels along way
helping others whom may be in dismay

stand united stand strong help each other out
too much sadness on this earth
things have changes alot
help thy neighbour in times of need
dont rush by dont feed the greed

when i smile at the people that i meet
a simple thank you can be enough of a nice greeting
we all carrying our own little load of problems and burdens
but to take the time out to ask someone how was their day
can be enough to clear it out
the problems and worries we can carry around that is can be filtered through
with someone to simply listen and make our mood change
from blue to an emotion of new


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