Tuesday, 16 August 2011

missing you

now that you are gone
the house is so quiet
every sound i hear
it gives me a fright

trying to pass the time away
waiting for you both to come home on friday
we have never all been apart
but im sure this will be only the start

it will have to happen at one time or another
im proud to be your loving mother
we are so used to been all together
close as a family , no matter what the weather

i will watch the clock and count the days
when you will be home this will all be a phase
its amazing how time spent apart can tare
the strongest of a heart

work will keep me busy
you will be busy too
having fun in the sun
having a trip or two

so alas im finished this poem
deicated to you both
will see you on friday
may go i filling up have a lump in my throat


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